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Hold your breath everyone, I have some very bad news - STAR IS DEAD! For those of you who don't know, Star was my wife for about 28 days but she died of dropsy and some fungal disease on 29/07/03 I'll try to post some pictures of her memorial service as well as some of me as soon as I can. Check back on the 5/07/03 for updates. All tributes and mail can be sent to: star_freckle@free-email.wsI have also now added a guest book and a fun & games page.


Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Mista Hey. As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a goldfish.(A Black Moor, actually). I was brought home from the pet shop on the 5th October 01 and am now happily swimming in my tank with my with my new fishtank-mate, Comet and my bestest buddy, Steve the suicidal sea snail. Welcome to my web site! Feel free to browse through the photos of my buddies or email me a pet problem. At star_freckle@hotmail.com

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Mista Hey's Buddies

Wanna see my buddies? Well here they are in my photo album!




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Mista Hey's links

 This site is kind of weird but it's really funny: gerbil.vze.com

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Pet Problems solved by Mista Hey

Does your cat suffur from catastrophic can-can induced deppression? Is your turtle just too tired? Does your goldfish float upside down in the tank? Well Mista Hey will solve all of these problems for you and more!

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Stanley's problem

Dear Mr Hey,

dear mr hey, i thing my duck stanley is trying to tell me something. he keeps stealing the neighbours hat. I don't know much about ducks, but stanley really hates this man. He keeps attacking his legs. is stanley like lassie, or has the constint running into the wall confused him abit?

Sprouse Moose

Dear Sprouse Moose,

I think that it is pretty obvious that your neibour is a psychopathic serial killer. Like all ducks Stanley has an amazing ESP capability and can read your neighbour's mind. Either that or he has a hat fetish due to him being so retarded from running into the wall. I hope this has answered your question, my lint in the bellybutton of life..

Yours sincerely,

Mista Hey***

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