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dah basketball widget
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- basketball 2001 gadget

Dah Basketball Widget

I know some of you are obsessed with this game, so I took the time and trouble to set up this pre-made and somewhat cheap Yahoo! gadget. Enjoy!

- Lesson 1 files

Guitar Lesson!

Finally, I've put up something useful. Download the lesson files (basic notes, and a basic piece in .jpg) and get practicin'!

- 2 Desktop pictures

X rules

A couple of esktop pics exclusive to Bits'n'Pieces! Exclusive because fimwat put 'em together out of pre-made images. Simple stuff.


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"monthly" pic' pick:

February 2002

Our very own Mac Mag! - Yes, you heard it right, MacGuide is New Zealand's very first Macintosh magazine! Granted, 'tis a booklet-sized (same as NetGuide) and rather small, but its a beautifully presented and well-written work of art, <info-mercial> and right now if you subscribe within the next month, they'll enter you into a draw for the one and only "iBlack"</info-mercial>! How about that!?

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Last updated: Monday, 11 February 2002, 1:24:48 PM, NZ time!

News 'n' history 'n' stuff and that
Happy New Year to any visiters! (All three of you - myself included!) Uploaded the iMac pic'. Anyway, go see the Lord of the Rings if you haven't already!

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