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Well one thing is for certain, the role-play game masters, Squaresoft, are not stopping when it comes to the excellent Final Fantasy series, infact, they have just recently announced Final Fantasy XII (12), which has lit up our little eyes and ears and will keep us anticipating it's release.  News is scarce, but we believe it won't be out for a LONG time, they are keeping the sheet over this one good, our spies tried infiltrating Squaresoft of Europe, and failed miserably, obviously they got the stick for that, bad boys...

Not only has Square surprisingly mentioned FFVXII, but a further FFX and FFXI, which almost made us keel over with excitement, infact it did, I have a slight case of hernia..

Final Fantasy X

Squares first RPG for the PlayStation 2, Final Fantasy X will be released in Spring 2001. Video clips revealed a game more in keeping with FFVIII, featuring more realistic graphics than FFIX - while unconfirmed, the designs appear to be by the FFVII and FFVIII artist, Tetsuya Nomura. Running at 60fps and displaying real-time 3D graphics, game footage showed a Squall-alike character running around beautiful environments. In a big move for Square, the game will also come packaged with navigator/dial-in software for Square's new venture. Play Online, also to be launched in 2001. Once you've set up the software on your console, you'll be able to check your in-game progress with an Online strategy Engine which will offer help and even suggestions. Infact it's up and running now, go to www.squaresoft.com and see what we mean.

Final Fantasy XI

The real shock of the millennium  event was the announcement of Final Fantasy XI: Online Another World for PS2. Despite only showing in-development screens, Square have placed the RPG at the front of their new online strategy, with a release date of Summer 2001. Again, this game features realistic character designs, but most importantly, Square stated it would be released as a "complete online game". Rather than simply offer online tips, gamers will log on to this FF world, with the  action potentially carrying on after you have logged off.

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