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good someone finally wrote something onto my message board /thank you/ but it doesnt mean u have to stop. keep writing ur opinions about ffix or whatever. by the way i dont care if u talk about other games such as parasite eve 2, xenogears, or even dragon quest vii (they r all RPGs) thanx

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so i finally got it FFIX trust me even though it is in japanese and i dont understand a word anyone says its still the best rpg ive ever played

the graphics is just perfect characters are well detailed the "cg movies" are the best ive ever seen (even beter then ff8) and the storyline well as i said before i dont understand the word they say but im sure its really good as well (hope its beter then ff8) and one of the most importent things is music and the music is gooooooooooooooooood !!! and the shinra theme is back too (from ff7)

ive only played it for about 2-4 hours but i can already tell that there is just too much fighting + too many boss fights but who knows it may change later in the game

the story so far (no spoilers)

first i there is the opening then when u start the game and watch the intro (everyone knows that) then zidane (the main character) enters the door and the game begins

then u have to do something talk for a while and fight after u win then there will be another cg (intro part 2) -NOTE : u can download most of those movies at my movie page- and then the game will put u in control of vivi in alexandria and ... why dont u just get the game and see for yourself :) sorry i dont wanna spoil the game

now i can only wait for the english version to come out then get a job buy ps2 wait for ffx (real size characters are back in ffx:( pass it and then wait for ffxi (with cloud and tifa back ... i think its then i only saw the artwork but im preety sure its them + vivi is also back) that games gonna rule !!!



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