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Final Fantasy XI                                                                                                 20/05/2002
just days after being released, final fantasy XI square's first online RPG has suffered major problems involving over loaded servers as well as incorrect registration codes being printed on the games. This problems may take a long time to solve and will have a serious negative effect on the project which was risky to begin with.
Final Fantasy in Europe                                                                                   30/03/2002
Squaresoft has announced that it will be releasing both Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V in Europe. The two games never released before in europer will be sold as a single package. No release dates have been confirmed as of yet.
Square on Nintendo                                                                                         02/03/2002
Nintendo have said that development will begin for a new final fantasy game on the gamecube. The are no details but it is thought that they will use the link between gamecube and gameboy advance.
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Release dates, just for you!                                                                             02/03/2002
The next final fantasy game, number XI,  is set to be released may 16 in japan however no details have been given as to when the all online game will be released elsewhere. Square has also announced that itís collaboration RPG with Disney, Kingdom Hearts, will go on sale in Japan on march 28.
Final Fantasy XI battle system                                                                         07/01/2002
It has been revealed that similar to previous games; final fantasy V and final fantasy tactics, that the battle system in final fantasy XI will be based on a job system where by the character is given a job and learns the abilities that goes with it, for example a knight has strong physical attacks and a black mage can cast attack magic.
PlayOnline Fees                                                                                                05/01/2002
Square announced that services such as e-mail and chat rooms will be free to everyone but that a monthly fee must be payed to play any of square's online games. This fee will be on top of the money needed to buy the game itself. PlayOnline is still in testing and will be launched in spring this year at the earliest for japanese customers.