Seinfeld - Complete Series - 180 Episodes on 23 DVDs



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The best set for the price!  If you are looking to get a high quality set at a very affordable price then this is the set for you.  Don't waste all your money purchasing other sets that are too high priced.  This set is a rare collectors set.  This set is made for Seinfeld Fans who want to watch it Anytime.  The quality is exactly the same as Satellite TV since they were taken from that digital source.  All commercials were edited out for direct play.  Also wonderful menus were added to each DVD that allow you to select the exact episode you prefer to watch. Office Map

Every set is shipped USPS PRIORITY MAIL, with TRACKING included.  This is very important so that you can track your package and know that it is on the way.

Many buyers have been cautious of purchasing seinfeld sets.  I am Paypal Verified and have been for over 2 years. 

Sets are shipped within 24hrs after payment is received.  This is beneficial to the buyer to ensure that they receive the set as soon as possible.  You do not have to wait a week for a set to be shipped like other sellers.  A tracking number will be provided immediately after payment is made.

The price is $130.00, this includes USPS Priority Mail with Tracking! :)

These DVD will work in all DVD players. 

If you have any questions please contact me immediately via email

This auction is only up for a limited time.  Please contact me anytime.  You will receive immediate response to emails.

It is best purchasing this set via the Paypal buttons.  This ensures that you purchase the set and and receive it quickly. I also accept Money Orders, and Cashiers Checks.

You can get the full set for $130.00 with free shipping if purchased through the Paypal link. This includes all discs, packaging and artwork as shown.  Save your money and get this great set.
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$130 Free Shipping in the US. All 23 DVDs with 12 DVD cases and artwork. 
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$175 International shipping.All 23 DVDs with 12 DVD cases and artwork. 
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