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December 17, 2000
I'M REALLLY SORRY THAT I DIDN'T UPDATE MORE!!!! I wuz playin PS2 though, but you understand, right? OK. C ya! Over and Out! ________________________________________________________________________

December 16, 2000
Sorry, I havent been able to update too much lately because i've been playing PS2. SORRY!!! i'll update!!! C ya, i guess. ________________________________________________________________________

December 15, 2000
YES!!! It's Friday! Expect a lot of updates over the weekend! I'm also glad to announce that I finally got my Playstation 2 I ordered. Well, all I got to say is: Today was a great day! Also, please people, I want your links, they will increase the traffic to your site. Well, that about does it... wait, oh yeah, i got a link. Check out the link in the links section. ________________________________________________________________________

December 14, 2000
2 hour delay from school! Yeah! HE HE, anyways, I got a guestbook, click here to sign it with your URL and then I will post it on my site. C ya, got work to do. ________________________________________________________________________

December 13, 2000
Hey, I'm pretty busy, but I always got a while to update. I wonder why no one wants to be linked to my site? Ah, well. Sign my message board!!! 12 days till Christmas!!! ________________________________________________________________________

December 12, 2000
Hiya people! I'm pretty excited to see my site doing this well! I just finished the End of Disc 1 spoiler, and i think it's cool! You should check it out! Anyway, I got work to do, see ya! Also, my old Message Board screwed up, and I got a new one. ________________________________________________________________________

December 11, 2000
PLEASE! People, come to my site!!! And, sign my message board! AND, give me your links so I can put them up on my site and you can link my site!!! AND, have a nice day!:) ________________________________________________________________________

December 10, 2000
SIGN MY MESSAGE BOARD!!! PLEASE! And, im dissapointed with the amount of hits i have, but ah, well ________________________________________________________________________

December 9, 2000
The 2nd day my sites been up! Im not too impressed with the number of visitors, but i guess i can't complain. I mean, not many links work, and it's just the 2nd day. It'll just take time. Anyways, people, please post stuff in my message board and E-mail me your links. Some of my links work now, but not too many, give me a break though, GEEZ, it's the 2nd day! I'm workin real hard! Well, see ya. ________________________________________________________________________

December 8, 2000
LAUNCH DAY OF MY NEW SITE! Not many links work right now, but they'll be up and running soon. Also, I am no stranger to making web sites. I made a site about Final Fantasy VII on Expage with over 1000 hits. And I know I don't have many hits on this site now, but c'mon, it's launch day! Anyways, come and visit every once and a while! I'll always be updating and adding new stuff. E-mail me if you have any Questions/Comments. Also, if you have an URL, just send it to me and i'll post you up on the links link, but only if you post my URL on the site I link. Another thing, feel free to write in my message board. Well, I guess that about sums it up for today. ENJOY!

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