Thank you for coming to FF10sion. You may realise, as you go through the site, that Geocities is periodically shutting down parts of the site. This has made the site just about unmanagable, and site traffic has gone down 90%. For the twenty of you who do get read this, I just want to thank you for coming, and apologize for this crap. For the rest of you who probably wont be able to ever read this, Thank you for the great time you've given FF10sion, thank you for the support, thanks for the emails, pics, and tips you've sent. Thank you for making FF10sion so great, even if it was for just a short time.

Thank you

Now, for the important buisiness. I want you all to know what i think of Geocities. I hate Geocities. They first offer a big deal, a great package, but then they dont deliver. They distrupt my site, not because its a problem for them, but because it became popular. So, they had to screw with the site, until i bought a better deal, and thats what this is all about. They want me to subscribe for some better deal that most likely get screwed out of later on. Well, IM NOT SELLING OUT.

If your thinking of starting a site on geocities, DONT, there are plenty of other hosts you can use that wont screw you.
Again, I appologize

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