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Welcome to my Final Fantasy Movie website. Here you will find pictures and sounds taken from the movie for your use.

27 - September - 2001

Updates in the Aki gallery - 6 pictures

New sound file -

Aki - Every night the same dream, the same strange planet, but why? What are they trying to tell me? It's been 34 years since they arrived on this planet and not a day passes that the survivors do not live in fear. I have vowed to end that fear. The question is will I be in time to save the earth?


15 - September - 2001

Alright, all the pages are up. I've got two movie trailers and two mp3s for your watching and listening pleasure. Also I've got a poll for you, answer only once please.


31 - August - 2001

Sorry for the lack of updates but i'm relocating and it will take 2-3 weeks before i can get my stuff up and running. So just keep coming by to check for updates.


31 - July - 2001

Updated the Picture Section

Aki - 5 pics

Gray - 1 pic

Jane - 1 pic

Dr Sid - 3 pics

Scenes - 2 pics

Ryan - 2 pics

Updated the Sound Section

Look.wav - Neil - Jesus look at that thing.


28 - July - 2001

Updated the Picture Section

Aki - 8 pics

Gray - 7 pics

Ryan - 1 pic

Neil - 1 pic

Scenes - 7 pics



26 - July - 2001

The web site has now been uploaded onto the server but some sections of the site are still under construction and you might meet some dead links. I'll try to upload the rest of the site as soon as possible. Only the wallpapers section is up right now. Thanks for waiting.




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