It is said that of all the prayers, and all the wishes of those faithfull; the dying wish shines strongest; seen like a lantern through the mist, by the many gods, and goddesses that watch over the mortal realms.
It was such a dying wish, the end of a great life; that sparked the birth, and the protection of the Final`Legend family...

En route to their new home. the recently deserted castle of the fruitless valley; Clara, Breanna; and Malico, having just wandered from another tiresome clan saw an awesome sight - what looked like a golden star shimmering against the coming dusk, falling, spiralling, to a silent landfall within the shallow ravine that lay not four hundred yards to their right.

Clara, being true, and curious of heart took a detour with her children to investigate, despite knowing how the darkness could trouble their journey. There she found the star to infact be the brilliant and ancient golden dragon; Akliros Legend; the lone survivor of a long forgotten noble line. He seemed weary, and moved little. There was no doubt to Clara or the children that he was ailed somehow. Probably by poison.

If a human life denotes but a short passage in the scrolls of time, A gold dragon's natural life could easily span volumes, without ever waning to the curse of age. The fatefull night in question, was the final stroke of this Dragon's last volume, and so the death of clan who's deeds, and guidance; though all but lost in history had spawned the very meaning of the word legend.

Clara comforted, and calmed this dragon, this stranger through his last hour as one would a sick sibling; unknowing that in truth she witnessed his demise, Even as the sun sunk over the mountains and the shadows began to draw in, she had attempted to cure him of this mystery poison with her small supply of herbs, all the while reminescing to him of her joyfull experiences, and talking how again he would fly, when he'd rid of whatever curse drew him to the ground.

In his vast life, Akliros had seen many things, but never the compassion, and the sense of kinship offered to him by the stranger crouched at his side. He'd glimpsed into Clara's mind with the precious moments left to him, and what he learnt eased his passing so dramatically that when he spoke; his every fibre, body and spirit resonated with his words, shining a beacon so bright as to blind whatever oversouls had been near. for the first time since his great family divided, Akliros was not alone.
Another now mirrored his thoughts, mirrored his dreams of a peacefull land of which to live in, with no rulers, no tyranny; only shared decision; and contentment at no cost to others.

His last words. His last wish; his last prayer and jubilation were this and are now scorched forever in dracoinc script the the sport where his carcass once lay:
'Peace here, at last, and forever more to I, and all who seek refuge, under ward of this name! For so long as I speak to the heavens above... The Final Legend; and all about, by no act out of nature shall ail.

Kissed by a strange understanding that the dragon's wish had left to her; Clara and her company then continued to the castle.. the Final`Legend Castle, as it is now known.
The blessing, and ward brought life to the lands deserted; and one of the strongest safe haven wards known.
Watched forever by dragons of heart to Akliros' cause, the lush valley of the Final Legend is one of the last spots of paradise left to this dreary realm.

This is the beginning of it's volume; and of the family residing within it.

Will you scribe your soul into it's pages; or is a plea to join in serenity just to much to ask?