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01/24/2004 @ 07:54:36 PM

How are my fans doing? Been receiving fanmail and stuff like that, even one fan sent me a case of Bawls and Penguin Mints. Needless to say, I was super happy since that stuff aint cheap... and damn is it good!

On a bad note, i've lost my first video host, which had Kenshin Memories, Digital Lain, and Hellsing : Click Click Boom & Dragula. Ender is still hosting the Wild Wild Alucard video, and animemusic is now hosting several brand new FDVs!!! I thank everyone for their support and I do have a few plans to announce.

I've finished high school and currently have been accepted to college. Secondly, new FDV project is including Berserk and an Adema song (in progress). Thirdly, my VCD is still availble from me, I charge NOTHING, not even shipping for you to receive my video disc (it plays in all computers and most dvd players too!)

Otakon is coming up soon, July 28th - August 1st and I probably be attending. I'll be there all 3 days to meet you guys at the Raddison or at the convention.

Next, my CD Trades are still active! But geocities doesn't support copy/paste, so I'm not typing 11 pages of titles, just email me and ask for the list, or click the reqest link over there

Thanks for visiting FDVs, and please feel free to link to my site using the button below.

Finchdaddy - Shin_Zero - Charlie Webster