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Welcome to my web career and employment site!

My name is Dave Richards and I have been in the recruiting, employment and Human Resources (HR) field for over 20 years now.  The current economy has made it quite frustrating for people to find a job.  It may seem as though you can't find a job you really want.  You're stuck taking something for monetary reasons but are not happy with the job.  I wanted to pass along some information to help you find not only a job but a career and something you enjoy doing.

You can do it, even in this economy.  You must think of the job seeking process as an investment.  That is the only way you can find something that will satisfy your monetary and emotional needs.  It may be a time investment or a monetary investment or both.  If you take the time and develop a process you will succeed!

I have listed some steps below.  Please review these steps and then click on the job seeker link above.  I have listed the best links which will help you attain the career you are looking for.  Employers, please click the employer link.  This will take you to the sites which I have found most useful in locating potential employees.

Good luck!!



STEP 1:  You must invest a great deal of time in creating a resume and cover letter that will not only impress the hiring manager with your skills but will immediately indicate your superb skills and employment objectives.  Hiring managers often go through hundreds of resumes to fill a particular position.  If you don't stand out or have key words that become immediately apparent, they may pass you over.  Even if you are the best candidate.  You also should take the time to tailor your resume to each job which you apply for.  The links I have provided will help you do this.  Don't skip this step as it is probably the most important.  It may decrease your search time tremendously.  click here

STEP 2: Once you have created the perfect resume and cover letter you need to get it out there.  Go fishing so to speak.  Put your resume on as many job boards as possible.  I have listed the best.  Try to find industry specific sites as well.  Also, you must track everything which you do.  Create a spreadsheet that list all of the job sites you have posted your resume to.  This spreadsheet must all list the passwords for each site and the date you last refreshed the resume.  It is very important to refresh the resume at least once every two weeks if not more frequently.  This will put you at the top of search results.  This spreadsheet should also contain a summary of all the companies which you have applied to with dates and the job description.  "Organization is the key to success".  click here

STEP 3:  Use at least one resume broadcasting service.  These services are excellent in the current economy.  This is because they send your resume directly to the hiring managers.  I hate to say it but a lot of times hiring managers get lazy.  Why would they go to a job board to search for a candidate when they could just check their e-mail and internal databases.  These services are very good for visibility and getting your resume directly into the people that will use it.  Please use at least one of these services.  I have linked to some of the best for you.  click here

STEP 4:  Now that you are highly visible and available for employers to contact you, it is your turn.  Use the links I have provided to search for jobs according your specifications.  Send your perfect cover letter and resume.  Tell them you are the candidate they are looking for and why.  click here

STEP 5:  Read and Research.  Become an expert in preparing for interviews and interviewing.  Read up on the companies you wish to work for and read information on your job.  The links I have provided will help with that.  click here


I hope this helps in your search.  Please fill out the feedback form and let me know your successes, what you think of the site and any other information which you think I should include. 

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