What Happened to Daniel?
Hello and thank you for visiting this site. This site is still under construction and I plan to make it better when I am finished.
This site was created because I have taken on a special interest in this little 4 year old boy's disappearance. He has been missing since June 18, 1959. He was on vacation with his family at Perdido Bay, AL. This boy is still missing today, regardless of the extensive search that was performed at the scene. It breaks my heart that his parents will probably never know what happened to their precious boy, with his curly black hair and dark eyes. It is as if he just vanished.
Please read the news articles that I have taken time to research, as you will find them  quite interesting.
Again, thank you for visiting and say a prayer for Little Danny. Please don't forget to sign my guestbook.

Warmest Wishes,
Lynn Reuss
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