If you think of doing business with this photographer think again.

We hired Dimitrii to take photographs at our wedding, back in April of 2004. To date we have not received our albums and the 2 portraits that he promised to deliver, based on the contract. We paid him almost all the money, but his end of the contract was never delivered. Below are responses from other people that have delt with Dimitrii and have ended up in the same situation as we did.
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Feedback from SUEZQXO:

2/27/2006 - Dimitrii has done the same thing to us, our wedding was on June 25, 2005 and since then he has disappeared, returned, promised ... and still we do not have our printed proofs or our album. He has recently stopped responding to our email. 4/14/2006 - Dimitrii has totally stopped contacting me with promises of our photos and album. I have just filed online complaints with the Arizona Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

Please do the same, as there is strength in numbers.

5/13/2006 - We finally received our printed proofs, although the wrong date was printed on each and everyone of them. The only thing left for Dimitrii to fulfill our contract is the album. We have emailed him the list of photos we chose and we still have not received any layouts to choose from.

Dimitrii's new address, under which I filed the complaints, may be: 17212 N Scottsdale Road Apartment 2314 Scottsdale Arizona 85255-9606

Make complaints about Dimitrii's Fraudulent Business Practices to:

Arizona Attorney General , Terry Goddard Arizona Attorney General's Office

Phoenix Arizon Better Business Bureau

Arizona Dept. of Financial Institutions Complaint Forms

Metropolita New York Better Business Bureau

Office of New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer New York Attorney General's Off


Feedback from Yelena:

I was supposed to have a wedding on Jan. 16, 2005. In Sep. 2004 I paid in full to save a few dollars and the contract stated that if a cancellation before 30 days would result in a full refund. Before the wedding could take place my father became terminally ill and my grandfather passed away.
After I told he the wedding was off he didn't respond for a few weeks. When he got back to me he said he sympathized and would refund my money in full...but it would take a few months. I tried e-mailing and calling him within that time but got no response. Finally he e-mailed me saying that his mother had a mild stroke and wife had a difficult pregnancy and that was the reason he took so long. After that he disappeared again and called me months later saying that he would have a check at the end of the week....the check was for half the amount and it BOUNCED costing me more in the end. Again he claimed that it was a mistake and he would send another check in the never came.
I filed in small claims court and as expected Dimitrii delayed the verdict as long as he could. He postponed, claimed that he confused the date, and in arbitration stated that he owed me no money because it was wrong of me to get married during such a tragedy, even without a wedding. The judge ruled in my favor and awarded damages. I have not seen a dime yet.

Feedback from Eddie C.:

Me and my wife were married on June 4,2005 and we had hired Dimitrrii to photograph our wedding. Just like everyone else he promptly disappeared after the wedding. We hunted for him and eventually recived a pacakage with the DVD's containing all our pictures. We also figured out that he had moved to Arizona, he was no longer in Redhook where we meet with him. We do not plan to take anymore action, since we recived the pictures on DVD and are having them printed by someone else. At this point it would be useless to try to chase him down for our albums and prints or the money for them.. I hope you the best of luck in finding him and making him pay for ruining so many peoples great day.

Feedback from Lila:

I stumbled upon your comments on i am in the same boat. He did our wedding pics back in 2004, and i never got my albums. he promised to have them by the end of 2005, the last time i heard from him. he has not replied to ever since then. have you had any luck getting in touch with him? i'm still hoping to get my albums. it's probably not going to happen, but i'm being hopeful.

Below are some emails that went back and forth between Dimitrii and myself

On 6/12/2005 Dimitrii wrote:
Your albums have been ordered on the 4/25/05, currently takes 2-3 months for the order to get back to me.
Thank you. Dimitrii

Since that time we have tried to contact him by all known numbers and emails, but after numerous failed attempts I was about to give up. Until I realized that his website was not renewed and was available, so I bought it...

I posted feedback on his old website on 12/12/2005 and within one day got a response from Dimitrii

On 12/13/2005 Dimitrii wrote:
Your albums and two large framed portraits will be delivered to you by Feb 1st '06. I will try to do it as soon as possible before that.

On the same day I received that email I have removed my feedback, in good faith, hoping that Dimitrii will stick to his end of the bargain and deliver what is owed to us by Feb 1st...

On 2/1/2006 Dimitrii wrote:
I will send you the albums tomorrow the way they are right now.

Since that email I have not received the albums nor have a got a response from Dimitrii on numerous emails that I sent him, whether he actually did send them out or not. Now looking back at our emails if he really did order them on 6/12/2005 they should have been delivered to us a long time ago. So at this point I don't know what to believe.

All I want is my wedding pictures as they are irreplaceable and if I knew that this was going to happen when we hired Dimitrii I would have never hired him.

I would like to avoid taking Dimitrii to court if I can and resolve this matter offline ASAP.

If you would like to post your feedback to this site please email me. My contact info

A very disappointed customer