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Welcome to Findel's Slayers Shrine.
Welcome all you slayers fans out there, both newbies and otakues are welcome. This site will be dedicated to bringing you out there information about the slayers anime. Hopefully the site will be updated regularly.

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(This site is mainly to function as a place to put my Fan fiction.  I also have some info things.) Also, please sign the guestbook.

I am also making another shrine as a part of this, a Zel/Lina coupledom shrine.   It should be done soon.   For those of you who know me and don't like that I have turned to the dark side and entered into the coupledom war, well bite me :-P.     "Soon you too will know the power of the dark side, MWHAHAHAHA!"

I have written a small fanfic about the opening of the shrine and will probably do more with the storyline if you would like to view it Click Here 

In the world of the slayers magic abounds, wizards and warriors are the usual stock of travelers. But, all is not what it seems, a thousand year war is still being fought between two groups, and humans are cuaght in the middle. Both the Monsters (or demons) and the Gods are fighting for the faith of this world. The Monsters seek its destruction while the gods seek to preserve it. Now even humans get tangled up in this, some fight alongside the gods to safe the world, others fight along with the monsters to gain power and longer life. Most of the story in the slayers takes place on a area of land known as the inner world (No other name was given) (Note: Try takes place in the outer world.). It is in the inner world that we meet most of our cast (except for filla, valgaav, and almace). During The Slayers (first seris) we meet our semi-heroine, Lina Inverse, the sorcery genius, and her idiotic swordsman sidekick, Gourry Gabriev. Soon these two run into and make a brief enemy of the mysterious and misumderstood, Zelgadis Greywords. After dealing with Zel they soon meet up with the justice loving and usually annoying, Amelia wil Tesla Seyruun. I will stop my babbling about the character so as not to reveal too much plot. The Slayers is a fun world of slapstick comedy one minute, and total seriousness the next. This anime is a perfect starter for new anime fans.

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