Welcome to Finder_Fan's web site!

Finder is of course one of the best books EVER written for the comic industry. My own experience with the book started with the small freebie "ashcan" book I got at one year's San Diego Comic Con. I picked it up and said, "this is for me!"

Then began the wait... But since I am the manager of a comic store here in Sunny San Diego I have an advantage over most other fans. I do know when the books are on the way! The wait is always worth it.

In the 5 or so years this wonderful book has been coming out, I've also had the pleasure of speaking to Carla several times, both at conventions and via email. It is my humble opinion that she's not giving us nearly a fraction of what lurks in her churning mind!

This site will do a number of things. One, it will allow fans to come together to chat, join groups (wish it were clubs... darn Yahoo!), or trade stories, show off art, and even collect cyberpet versions of some of the many creatures which Carla has introduced to us in her world. Each of those things will be announced on the Finder Fan Central group. Please feel free to join that group for updates!

Just a reminder that ALL ARTWORK IS (C) CARLA SPEED MCNEIL unless otherwise stated, and that clearly includes the two logos above! No infringement is either intended or implied by the use of these logos, or any of the artwork which appears on this site. All artwork otherwise will only include single panels or edited parts of such panels, for review or demonstration purposes!

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