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"Do I know Will? Yes I know Will! Good 'Ol Will. Those who really know Will, will say "well" Will will if you give him a chance. But I say if he can get away with Will will always be, well lets say well Will. " Marsh

Fred -- This undoubtedly bad, wild and mischievous character is full of eccentric ideas! The grin on his face tells it all. He probably enjoys the thrill of leaving the innocents hanging around helplessly... Perhaps someday someone will set her foot down and utilize her "woman power" to seize what belongs to her! Muahahahaha! -= someone =- of the B.I.T.C.H. Association

When I think of Will, I see rocks, ropes, the color green and an empty lot. I see a river! He is a person with many talents, he is amiable and nevertheless, he is very witty and sarcastic! There are just too many qualities in Will that canít be described in just a few words. Ö However, based on what Marsh had said, I donít think I know Will at all! - SiLvErSea -

What type of a person is Will? I can answer you that! He's a mama's boy that's what. My son is a sweet caring person and always thinking of home where his loving mother is who by the way loves him very much! Ladies, ladies! He's taken and well kept by "the girl next door" who he often write home and mentioned to me about! If you want his heart, come speak with me! Mom

Contact me at mcc_will@hotmail.com

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