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    Top 100 Dating Sites



    Find Me A Date!

    About Us

    You've come to the right place if your single! I'll support you with the best online dating services on the web. You'll be sure to find someone. If your looking for friendship, romance, hot flings, or maybe even your Soul Mate, you'll find a personals suited for you here! Or you can join My Own dating/friendship personals! Over 7000 join daily ! If its not the right service for you, feel free to check out the other great personals here. Here is a tip to find that special someone: Sign up for more then one personals, it'll raise your odds, you'll get more responses, and alot more to choose from! Whatever your desire I wish you good luck on your search! Oh and if you have any luck on your searches, be sure to let me know!

    List of some of the top dating sites Find My Date

    Check One Out!

  • Altmatch
  • -Services For: Straight Men and Woman, Gay, Lesbian

  • Big Church
  • -Services For: Straight Men and Woman

  • IwantU
  • -Services For: Straight Men and Woman, Gay, Lesbian, Couples, Groups

  • Match
  • -Services For: Straight Men and Woman, Gay, Lesbian

  • Lavalife.com
  • -Service For: Straight Men and Woman, Gay, Lesbian

  • iFriends
  • -Serice For: Straight Men and Woman, Gay, Lesbian, Couples, Groups

  • A Foreign Affair
  • -Service: International Mail Order Bride

    Find My Date!

    Personal Ad Tips:

    • A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words!

      Submitting a picture (pic) can go a long way ! Ads with pictures get 75% more response than an ad that doesn't have one. A picture in a way creates the first impression, so make it a good one. You don't want a picture you took your senior year in school, or one that doesn't reflect yourself right now! Make sure it's current! That way when you finally do meet, there won't be any unwanted surprises. Also, most dating sites have a file size limit for your picture. If it is too large, you'll have to resize it. Usually you do this with a graphics program, or picture program. I recommend The Gimp. It's free and easy to use.

    • Simple And Honest

      Make your ad simple and honest. No lying anywhere on your ad, you'll set yourself up for failure if you do. If your serious about meeting somebody it's best to keep it honest, besides who wants a relationship built on a lie? Next, keep it simple and articulate. Putting your whole life history on an ad will be a bit too much. Make it descriptive, thoughtful, and short. Most people skim through these things like no tomorrow, and if your profile is too long, they will just skip it and go on to the next. Describe yourself fully, and list your hobbies. Make it unique, and you will spark some interest. This is what will differ your ad from the rest, and make others appeal to you!

    • Privacy

    • You want to be safe!. Make certain you do not put personal information on your profile such as addresses and phone numbers. A trusting online relationship should be aquired before any of that information is given out. Trust your instincts about these things, and use common sense. You don't want to put yourself in any risky situations.

    • Have Fun

    • Last but not least, have some fun. Don't get frusturated, make it a journey you can enjoy. Dating is supposed to be fun!

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