Help Find Squeaker.... Help Find Squeaker... Help Find Squeaker.....



Age: 3

Last seen: 03/14/2000

From: Newton, NC

Height:6 inches High

7 inches long

Weight: 2 lbs 8 ozs

Extra info:

He wasn't wearing

a collar last seen.

And he comes to:

"Does Squeaker want a cookie"

:::Welcome to Find Squeaker :::

Have you Seen This handsome dog??On 3/14/2000? Squeaker was let out to do his business in his fenced in backyard. But when his owner came to get him from the backyard Squeaker was no where to be found. Its been a week now since Squeaker has been home with his owner and there is no lost hope yet. Now this may seem strange but has your friend just gotten a yorkie?? out of the blue?? Well if so ask some questions. To where they got there yorkie. We are trying very hard to get Squeaker back home. His picture is on the news , his face is in the newspaper but now all we need is Squeaker Home.If you have any information reguarding squeakers return

please contact the Newton Police Dept at


Thank you For Caring so much to Come to Find Squeaker

We just want him home safe.

Update: It has been reported Squeaker was seen but when his owner would show up it would be a shih tzu. I myself have a shih tzu and know that yorkies and shih tzus don't look alike so i thought i'd add a picture of my shih tzu so that you can see the difference. Also i 'd like to tell you all that i am not the owner of squeaker and that i am just a friend of the owner Celia .

( Above: Picture of shih tzu above)

If you have anything you'd like to tell the owner of the dog or comments please Fill them in the Guestbook or email them to me or her. We are trying everything to get squeaker home. There is a reward for leads , and for him to get home. Please Contact the Newton Police Dept at 828-465-7436 if you have any info on squeaker.

Thank you Again for Visting ~ Mandy

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People have been here since Squeaker was stolen.

Help Find Squeaker... Help Find Squeaker... Help Find Squeaker.....Help Find Squeaker.....