About: Do you know this problem? You are a pupil and have to do an internet research for a talk at school. But after you have taken some texts out of the net there is no pen to write some cathwords out of the texts. Or another problem: You have found an important table or list in two splits. But you want it in one split and your too lazy to write anithing again. Then you must have this application. The Catchwordcatcher is a text editor that makes extrakting and arranging of pieces in a text easier.

How to use: At starting the application the text window appears. It is splitted in two fields. In the left you should put a not clearly arranged text. When you select a piece of the text and press TAB + s ("Supercopy") the selected text appears in the right field. So you can create a list. You can not supercopy text from the right into the left field. You can save both fields independent from each other.

Use this software at your own risk

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