Greater Ottawa Fastball League

The Greater Ottawa Fastball League is a competitive Intermediate-level men’s fastball league, located in eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

Congratulations to Stittsville for winning the GOFL 2008 Playoff Championship.

Some league history available here.


More detailed information and archived information on past seasons:

2004 season

2005 season

2006 season

2007 season

2008 season.

Contact information for 2009 teams:

Stittsville 56ers

Sam Oliver

(613) 831-9546

Manotick Lomor Printers

Tony Riches

(613) 286-5284

Ottawa Team Easton

Kevin Chevrier

(613) 794-6668

Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric

Adam Brown

(613) 623-8867 (H)

(613) 580-2424 x28352 (W)

Carp I4C Victory

Neil Cooke

Eric Rosenquist

(613) 271-6421 x225 (W)
(613) 222-9989

(613) 851-5940  (c)
613) 839-6580 (H)

Ottawa Blitz

Andrew Bruce

(613) 668-1587 (c)

Quyon COMBAT Flyers

Darlene Kearns

(819) 458-2714 

Orleans Gators

Gary Hargrove

(613) 837-2831 (h)

(613) 220-5760 (c)

Greely DNTW Eagles

Shannon Borho

(613) 216-7788 (c)


League Meeting 2009 minutes


News: Visit the Eastern Ontario Fastball Blog for detailed news and information


2009 Schedule and Results


VISIT for full statistics and standings

2009 League & Playoff Format:

20 game season – unbalanced

9 home games

9 away games

2 Showcase games


Home Diamonds:

Ottawa Team Easton: Stittsville Alexander Grove

Stittsville 56ers: Stittsville Alexander Grove

Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric: Fitzroy Harbour Community Centre

Manotick: Manotick Arena Diamonds

Ottawa Blitz: Manotick Arena Diamonds

Carp I4C Victory: Carp Fairgrounds

Quyon COMBAT Flyers: Quyon Fairgrounds

Orleans Gators: Pierre Rocque Park

Greely DNTW Eagles: Andy Shields Park



“Play in round”: 8th vs. 9th – single game

Quarter Finals: 1st vs. play in winner, 2nd vs. 7th, 3rd vs. 6th, 4th vs. 5th – best of 3

Semi Finals: Top remaining seed vs. lowest remaining seed, second remaining seed vs. third remaining seed - best of 5

Finals: Two remaining teams - best of 5


Tournament Winners

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