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5 Hearts Award
Welcome To The Home Of The 5 Hearts Awards

This prestigeous award is given out only to sites with true beauty and grace. Only the best will be allowed to display the 5 Hearts Award.

I look for the following things when assigning my award:

  • Beauty
  • Elegance
  • Grace
  • Overall Design
  • Ability of Designer
  • Non-Offensive
  • No porn or illegal activties
  • No Warez or hackering stuff

Anyone is eligible to nominate their site for my award. Just fill out the short form below and I will look at your site and tell you if it is good enough for my award.

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Nominate A Site For My Award

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(The Award)

That's the award right above here. If you win you can put it on your site. Please put a link around it back to my site here.