John Williams

Welcome to John Williams' web-site. This is the Cardiff, Wales based author John Williams, not the film composer, guitarist or any of several  Welsh rugby players. Neither is it the website of the excellent American novelist John A Williams (though if you're interested in him you could follow this link ).

You can follow the links on the left to find out more about my books.

As of now (April 2004) I have a new book Temperance Town  coming out in June. The first half is a set of linked short stories some of which have appeared in the Big Issue and elsewhere and all of which feature a character called Mikey who you may well have come across before. The second half is a bit of a departure. It's a straightforward noir novella set, as ever, in Cardiff and featuring a new character, a copper called Deryck who has rather a lot of what we now like to call 'issues'.

Later in the year -August/September--Bloomsbury are putting out an anthology of new Welsh writing which I've edited and features the likes of  Niall Griffiths, Trezza Azzopardi, Malcolm Pryce, Desmond Barry, Tessa Hadley etc. There's a piece I wrote about its genesis which you can find on the Bloomsbury website if you click here .

I'm doing a couple of readings to tie in with the Temperance Town launch which you can find out about by  clicking the Readings Tab on the left.

Before that I'm off to Italy for the launch of Cardiff Dead in Italian, They seem to have gone large on the ska band angle. So it  will have a foreword written by a top Italian ska/mod  star and I'll be performing with his band while over there. Which should be a laugh.

Here's the jacket for the new book. A big improvement on the previous ones of you ask me (though the gun in the waistband is hardly a regular feature of the mean streets of Cardiff)

Ta-ra for now