Personal Bindrunes

by Victor Ordell L. Kasen


The Bindrune

Kasen's personal bindrune sigil, pictured above, is made up of the Armanen Futharkh runes and . These runes being the runes numerically associated with his birth date. For example, someone with the birthday of September 14th, 1955 utilises the runes and . This can be understood below:

September is the 9th month of the year. The ninth rune (see chart below) of the Armanen Futharkh is 'Is' . The 14th day of that month corresponds with the 14th letter of the runic row which is Laf . The year in which they are born is 1955 which is split into two segments, 19 and 55. There is not a 19th rune so the 1 and 9 are added to make 10 which represents the rune . 55 is also not a rune numerically represented by the Armanen Futharkh so the two figures (5 and 5) are added together which makes 10, again represented by the rune .

Again, to make this clear, I will give an example for the runes that could be used for a bindrune to represent Guido von List. Guido von list for example was born October 5th, 1919. This corresponds with the runes and . This being October the 10th month, , the day of which he was born being the 5th, , and the year being 1919 whch is split into two, 19-19, and .

The only thing then that remains is to merge these runes to your own personal preference.


Alaf Sal Fena, Alaf Sig Runa, Sal und Sig.

Victor Ordell L. Kasen.