The below is a list of words in which Guido von List (Kummer, Gorsleben, Spiesberger, etc) utilises on a regular basis in some form or another having special sense or meaning. The list is primarily, but not totally, derived from Dr. Stephen E. Flowers' (red) written work of which he states that these words “bare separate definitions and commentary.” All words in yellow used must be credited by this website if they are to appear anywhere else.

Acht – [akht] = See hohe heimliche Acht. hohe heimliche Acht high secret tribunal (eight) Acht (octave), but as with music on an Acht (octave) higher.

Alaf Sal Fena = Widespread call of inspiration which means “All solar salvation to him who is conscious of power (able to reproduce).”

Alaf Sig Runa = A Kummerian magical formula in the heraldic language of List. Its meaning is : “All victory for those conscious of the Divine Secret.”

All = The objective universe, the entire cosmos used by List as a term opposed to the concept of the ego, or Ich. It includes everything in the objective universe. The ego (Ich) differentiates itself from the All, but nevertheless comes to realise its place within it in a conscious manner

Armanenschaft = [Ar-mach-en-shaft] Armanism (Arminius) – The true living embodiment of Germanic esoteria, and the practises of those initiated into the disciplines and mystic sciences.

Garma = List formed this word based on the Sanskrit word Karma: “action,” and linked it with the old Norse name of the hound of the underword, Garmr, mentioned in the Poetic Edda (Voluspa 44, 49, 58 and Grimnismal 44).

Heimliche Acht = Probably List's most difficult term to translate, hence it is usually left untranslated. Heimlich = “secret,” but Acht as a noun is used by him in a unique way. The usual translations, either “eight” or “ban; outlawry,” are insufficient to account for List's use of the word. With him it is definitely used in the sense of an “underground institution” or “secret tribunal.” Gorsleben went on to say that "In the future the time of the Armanen and also the Aryans, true, holy, holy Vehm will again be taken-up and the whole mystery of the Armanen Wihinei will awaken radiating"

Halgadom = A sanctuary, temple or a “temple site.”

Ich = The ego, literally the “I”. Related to this is the Ich-heit “self,” individuality, which is characterised as the individuality which transcends various incarnations. The word Ichheit is made up of the first person singular pronoun, ich, with an abstracting suffix: -heit. This is contrasted with the Wesenheit. Ich as the ego is as opposed to the “All”.

Kala = From Sanskrit word, Kala, “fractions.” Used as a method of calculating the 16 permutations of the moon, and of determining the esoteric value of syllabic units of sound as they go through similar cyclical permutations.

Rita = From Sanskrit word, rta, “cosmic order.” List also uses it to mean “sanctified law.”

S.S.G.G. = Kummer said in his book "Runen-Magie" that "The formula ssgg is the Divine Secret which holds the highest Jurisdiction. In ancient times tins formula was called: 'String, Stone, Grass, Groan' [Strick, Stein, Gras, Grein], and indicated 'Jurisdiction, Secret, Accusation, and Judgment.' " Gorsleben said in his book "Heilige Runenmacht" that "These runes in the old Vehm [1] had the following formula: Strong, Stone, Grass, Groan and indicated Jurisdiction, Secret, Accusation, Judgement."

[1] - The 'League of the Holy Court' (or Vehmgericht (Vehm)) was, a secret tribunal of Westphalia during the Middle Ages , the principal seat of which was in Dortmund.

Sal und Sig = Sal-vation and victory [Heil und Sieg (here we see the origins of the chant used by the Germanen Orden, which later became a National Socialist motto: Sieg Heil!, ‘Hail Victory!')]. This millennia-old Aryan ogreeting and battle cry is also again found in a variant form in the widespread call of inspiration: ‘Alaf Sal Fena'. “ Well-being and victory (S. A. Kummer)

Ur = [oor] Used as a prefix ( Ur- ) in German to indicate the primeval or original quality/state or level of being of something, or of the universe. List uses it as a noun to indicate the undifferentiated primal essence of the universe. It will sometimes be left as “the Ur ,” whilst other times it will be translated as “primal,” “primeval,” or some other appropriate term.

Wesenheit = This is the substanceof essence, which List characterises as the “personality,” i.e. personhood, and contrasts this with the Ichheit.

Wihinei = [VEE-inn-eye] A Listian term for “religion” in its exoteric level as practised in Ancient times. The first syllable of the word, wih- reflects the Proto-Germanic *wih-“sacred.” In ‘Das Geheimnis der Runen' List himself defines the term sussently as “the inward sanctification.”


Armanenvolk / Armanen / Armanists = Initiates of Armanenschaft.

Armanic = Of or relating to Armanenschaft

Armanentum =

Ariosophy - The occultic wisdom of the Arishes (Aryans) [Arishe (Aryan)] - see also Aryan and Ario

Aryo-Germanic - Of the Aryan Germanic people

Aryan / Ario - Of or relating to the Germanic, Celic or Slavonic races (White Europeans)

Ariosophist - Initiate of Ariosophy

Blut und Boden - Blood and Soil Z

Esoteric - specialised or advanced in nature, available only to a narrow circle of "enlightened", "initiated", or highly educated people.

Exoteric - knowledge that is well-known or public.

Iey Sar, Iey Sey, Iey Fyor - Peyrow Kvan Ike Iser (Karl Sans-Gürgen Linder) = I see, I say, I know - For Now It Is

”Hammer und Fylfot, heiligt diesen Ort und beschützt ihn vor allem Unheil.” (Karl Sans-Gürgen Linder) = Hammer and Fylfot, sanctify this place and protect it above all mischief."

Lebensborn – Fount of Life

Önd = (Odic force, Od [Öd] (pron. Ode), (Odes, Odems)) Vital Breath, Universal Soul, Spiritual Energy -vital energy, life force - equivalent to the prana of India and the ki of the oriental martial arts. - cosmic energy/power.

Osten Wrathnak Veerin Namyen, Siryin Estev Vheotu Feer (Karl Sans-Gürgen Linder) = Be Safe For All, Only They Should Fear

Requa = spell or curse.

Volkgeist = “the spirit of the folk”

Völkisch = A ‘movement' or ‘belief' with a romantic focus on folklore and the "organic." The term völkisch derives from the German word Volk , corresponding to people or nation , with connotations in German of "people-powered," "folksy," "folkloric," and "populist".

Wendehorn = link.

Zeitgeist = "the spirit of the time"

The 3 Armanic principal of the threefold cyclical process (3 elements in List's ideology


Kummerian formulas:

.......Formula: suf or fus produces tiredness and sleep.
       Formula: sof or fos produces forgetfulness and calming.
       Formula: Sig-Tyr works positively, brings victory, happiness, strengthens the life force. This formula should always be used threefold.
       Formula: alu or ula effects a defence, banning the enemy.
       Formula: Ara-hari gives Solar force and effects protection against all dark powers.
       Formula: flu or ulf produces cosmic Love.
       Formula: tuwatuwa works as a ban and protection against black magical influence, against revenge, hate and envy.
       Formula: olu or ulo— Spiritual power being proclaimed out of the Ur [origin].
       Formula: ul— wisdom, primal life, primal Love.
       Formula: uste produces a feeling of hope, the power of desire.
       Formula: ttt brings understanding of Arising, Being, Passing away.
As a most powerful formula for banishing evil, one utilizes the entire Futhork, written once left to right and once
underneath right to left.

Kummer states in Runen-Magie, that these are "Rune-formulas passed down from ancient times, but I advise every Runer who may perhaps
utilize them to approach such work most carefully; everyone is personally responsible for his own actions. The
conscious and noble Runer will never reject laws or utilize powers whose effect he docs not understand and has not
sufficiently tested. Let no one misuse unknown magical formulas on his blood-brothers and sisters—he could not
escape the avenging might of the Runes. Whosoever carves Runes, let him carve them in wood; whoever writes them,
let him write them on paper, so they can be burned [28] at any time. Spiritual meditation is always important for the
carving and writing of Runes.