The Sacral Fyrfos
Its meaning within Germanic Armanenschaft -

by Victor Ordell L. Kasen

Version 8.9


"Hail to he that speaks with righteous tongue
and to those that listen with open ears, Hail!
May whoever learns and takes heed of these words flourish
and prosper because of them!
Hail to those who hearken!”

Hávamál, Rúnatáls-tháttr-Odhins


The Fyrfos ( Fürfos - Hakenkreuz or Hook-Cross ), also commonly referred to and known as the Swastika or Fylfot, is within Armanenschaft one of, if not the most, ancient and revered Ario -Germanic symbols and Heathen crosses visually symbolic of “the thrice-high-holy secret of constant generation, constant life, and uninterrupted recurrence”, which it also represents.


It is seen to the Germanic Armanenvolk in Europe and across the world as a “doubtlessly intentionally incomplete” eighteenth rune of the ‘Armanen Futharkh' - the ‘Gibor' rune and is seen as the exclusive innermost secret as represented by this hallowed rune.


The ancient and honoured Fyrfos is “recognised as an esoteric secret sign of high holiness” – represented exoterically by the sacred eighteenth rune ‘Gibor' . The Fyrfos is used widely in many cultures such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism - and other Asian, European and Native American cultures - as an exclusively special, sacrosanct and religiously spiritual sigil .


It is extremely important to note that although the symbol has significant negative connotations due the its misrepresentation by the National Socialist regime and its latter day contemporaries, it is, as any of the above culture will tell you, far from simply a racist image with a past rooted solely between the years 1933 to 1945.


Regretfully there are those today trying to suppress its usage, regardless of its users intentions, due to their own blind hatred and ignorance. One should rightfully ask today that just because the Ku Klux Klan utilises the ‘Crucifix' or Christian cross or because Zionist and Jewish supremacists use the ‘Star of David' - should these images be banned, suppressed or a bar on their discussion and usage come with a lengthy prison sentence? The answer in any free country is rightly and sternly ‘no'. Real and truthful education should be unequivocally expressed and encouraged over biased, brainwashed and ignorant hate and self-hate filled suppression.


The great Armanist and occult mysticist Siegfried Adolf Kummer , whom was persecuted and possibly murdered by the Nazi's, in his mid 20 th century 1933 masterpiece ‘Runen-Magie' , stated that the ‘Gibor' rune, representing the Swastika and Fyrfos, is the symbol of the fire of love, constant recreation and eternal rebirth.


Mjollnir , the ancient hammer of the Germanic god Thor, is also represented by the symbol of the Fyrfos. In this semblance it was regarded as one of the holiest secret characters of the High Heimliche Acht' of the Armanen .


The symbol, as well as the hammer, is called in unison in sacral prayer in the ancient call ”Hammer und Fyrfos, heiligt diesen Ort und besch ü tzt ihn vor allem Unheil.” to sanctify a place for Heathen worship or magick practises.


The Fyrfos also indicates “arising, being, passing away to new arising” – regeneration, and symbolises life, rebirth, awakening, the All , the world, universe, cosmos, and the human-spirit. Guido von List said that it was for this reason that the meaning of the “ge-“ or “Gibor”-rune is closest to that of the “fyr-fos”.


In conclusion I will leave ‘Der Meister' Guido von List to state that the “idea of the “ge-” or “gibor”-rune seeks exoterically to approach the comprehension of the idea of the divine from below upward-in a certain sense from the level of humanity outward-while the explanation of the Fyrfos seeks knowledge of God esoterically in the innermost level of man himself–and finds it. Thus it is known, as the spirit of humanity, to be unified with God from the standpoint of the concept of the “bifidic-biune-dyad,” [Spirit – Body] and it will attain certain knowledge from inside out, as well as toward the inside from the outside. Here again the exoteric and the esoteric are clearly distinguished, and the Fyrfos is recognised as an esoteric secret sign of high holiness, which is represented exoterically by the “ge-rune.”


Alaf Sal Fena!

Victor Ordell L. Kasen,

Shropshire , England .




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