The Florida Open Records Unity Movement
IMPORTANT:  You can no longer sign the resolution below. The Executive Board of FORUM is in the process of drafting a new Resolution of Purpose.  As soon as it has been finalized, it will be posted online for your consideration and signature.

The Florida Open Records Unity Movement
Resolution of Purpose

Passed: <date>

Be it resolved that

WHEREAS the Signatories are in agreement that the laws of the State of Florida, as set forth in the Statutes, are an abridgement of the civil rights of every person adopted in the State of Florida and who must suffer under these laws, and

WHEREAS Title VI, Chapter 63, Section 162 of the Statutes of the State of Florida, prohibit adult adoptees to have access to the papers and effects that constitute their own personal history, and

WHEREAS these law embodied in Title VI, Chapter 63, of the Statutes of the State of Florida constitute a violation of adopteesí right to due process and equal treatment under the law, and

WHEREAS the Signatories believe that there has been demonstrable damage to the health and well being of persons adopted under the before-mentioned laws, then

We the Members of FORUM Herewith Declare that we are joined together for the purpose of restoration of the right of adult adoptees to be treated as full citizens under the law, without any conditional provisions, and that we will accept no less than unconditional access for adult adoptees to the original record of their birth, and to all and every paper and effect, without regard for where they may reside, that contains information about or pertains to the persons, places, activities, and all other facts about the events that resulted in their having come to be separated from the family to which they were born and adopted at law into another family.  To that end we are resolved to place before the people of the State of Florida an Initiative to Amend the Constitution of the State of Florida to prohibit the discrimination imposed upon adult adoptees by the present laws of the State.

Roll Call of Signatories to this Resolution, and dates of their acceptance:

Herman E. Chelette, Jr June 13, 2000
Patricia A. Burns June 14, 2000
Merle Barrett June 14, 2000
Laura Ringler Greene June 15, 2000
Cheryl Dobson June 15, 2000
Linda S. Maxon June 15, 2000
Donna J. Millage June 15, 2000
Angela Sheeley June 16, 2000
Rebecca (Bailey) Wulzer June 17, 2000
Julie Smalley June 17, 2000
William Smalley June 17, 2000
Linda Freeman June 18, 2000
Curtis Freeman June 18, 2000
Veneda L. Waldo June 18, 2000
Nicole Conley June 19, 2000
Maude Dougherty June 19, 2000
Rena M. Gibbons June 19, 2000
Sonya Luke June 19, 2000
Diane L. Holzer June 20, 2000
Mary Elsheimer June 20, 2000
Pamela ( McDaniels) Alsip June 21, 2000
Patty (Hanssen) Mayer June 22, 2000
Lisa D. Wilson June 22, 2000
Tina M. Witney June 24, 2000
Naomi R. Goring June 24, 2000