G14 Assault Rifle
G14 Assault Rifle

The G14 is a revamped G11K2 Assault rifle. Most of the features are the same, such as the complete environmental sealing, proof against moisture and dirt that would damage the weapon. The weapon does feature an openable ejection port to allow jammed rounds to be safely ejected from the weapon. The weapon uses a unique recoil system to achieve phenomenal three round burst accuracy. The weapon utilizes a bolt that is built into the end of the gun. When the first round fires, the rod travels back a step, the same with the second round. On the last round, the bolt doesn’t come back until the third round, producing a highly accurate weapon in the burst fire mode with a cyclic rate of 2000 rounds per minute. However in full automatic, the cyclic rate is much lower. The bolt returns to the chamber when on automatic or semi-automatic, making the G14 a recoil operated weapon. Also used was a unique magazine holding system. The center magazine is the "Prime" magazine, obviously being the first loaded. Mounted on each side of the center magazine are two extra magazines. These can be inserted like a normal magazine. When the first magazine is empty, the user ejects the clip, then switches to the new magazine, while keeping an extra one in reserve. This allows a soldier to carry more ammunition in the field with the holders. However, the old 4.73mm caseless ammunition is still being produced, leaving the weapon still having a specialized bullet. The round has the same power as a 5.56mm round, but more compact, saving on weight and size, allowing the weapon to carry more for less weight. The newer features on the G14 is a Smartlink II system, and the new autostabilization stock that is becoming more prevalent on HK designs. Also added to the bottom was a TAG rail mount system, allowing the soldier to be more flexible. To save weight, newer lightweight composites were added, reducing the overall weight by .5 kg A Hughes-Knopler Image Magnification-1 scope is fitted as standard. However, the mount can accept most sighting accessories with no modification to the weapon.

Type Conceal Ammo Mode Damage Weight Avail. Cost Street Index
Assault 2 50 x 3* SA/BF/FA 8M 3.5 8/1 wk 1,950¥ 3

The weapon features Smartlink II, and offers the equivalent of 3 points of recoil reduction, and comes with an Image Magnification-1 scope. The clip holder carries two extra magazines. Normal reloading/loading rules apply. Also mounted is an autostabilization stock, offering 1 point of recoil reduction.

4.73mm ammunition, per 10 shots.
Far different than standard, the 4.73mm caseless ammunition has the same ballistic properties as the venerable 5.56mm round. There is little difference in stats, and how it operates.

Concealability Availability Cost Street Index
8 10/1.5 wks 30¥ 2

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