Programs for the fx-7400G PLUS

Machine shop programs for the CASIO fx-7400G PLUS power graphic calculator.

Here are a few programs that I have written to help in the shop. Some of them are for programming CNC machines. Some of the programs are quite long, so it is recommended that you purchase from CASIO the FA-123 program link cable. You can download the FA-123 software off the net. You will need the software to view the programs.

This program will calculate out the X and Y position for an entire bolt circle. You will need the bolt circle dia, the number of holes and the angle to the first hole.

Program for calculating the X and Z moves for the finish bore of a NPT thread. This is to help in programming a CNC lathe.

Program for helping in measuring a dovetail using two ground pins of equal diameters.

Because of the old line shaft driven machines that I have, I wrote this program to help me in making the pulley size and speed calculations.

This program is for doing 5 different jobs. One is the G41 circle program. This is for ramping on and off using cutter diameter compensation when milling a bore on a CNC machining center. It was written for a Fanuc control. The second part of this program will give the dimensions of a hole for a socket head cap screw. The third is for giving the amount of gage blocks needed to obtain a specific angle using a sine bar. The forth is for measuring the pitch of a thread using the three wire method. The last one is for calculating the depth of a spot drill with different angles.

This program is for manually compensating the tool nose radius when turning or boring toward the chuck. This would be the equivalent to a G42 or right compensation if the machine was automatically compensating for the tool nose radius. This program was done because some shops I have seen don't like to use a G41 or G42. Go figure....

This program is for calculating segments of circles .

I have many more programs that I am working on, such as a speed and feed program. When I have the program done to my satisfaction, I will post it. If you have any good ideas for machine shop programs then E-mail them to me at