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Dear Diary,

Wow! It has been seven years since my frustrations led to adopting as my email address "
flatfilsoc" to champion the cause for simple flat file ASCII text files in response to:

--the pieces of "trash" attached to Microsoft Windows Exchange Version 1  stylized email with their  formatting instructions

--Microsoft leading the software developers pack with bloated, proprietary coded data files when a simple, flat ASCII files would have done just as nice (i.e. HTML)

--and just  my general reaction towards proprietary software and away from an open, computing community.

However, all of us in computing know, you
rant-n-rave for a few minutes and then  adapt.  So over time my original  "Flat FIle Society" Homepage (circa 1996 on a defunct free web site )  has changed from advocacy for open computing standards and text data  files where reasonable to just an organizer page of my own personal web pages and post-graduate projects..

August 12, 2002
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