This is me doing a f-packer.
Hamilton Ground Control  Flatland Website
Welcome to my website, my name is Nick and I am a flatland rider from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. I ride with about 10 other riders who also ride flatland too. Plus every once and awhile we have some pro class riders come down for the day to ride with us. I have been riding flatland for almost 3 years now, and I first started out on a Dyno Compe. It's not that good for riding here, because there isn't many flat parking lots we can ride in, and pretty much wherever we go we get kicked out, plus the Canadian winters don't help. There are 2 good parking lots that we can ride on, but they take a pretty long time to get there if your riding your bike there. I mostly ride on a street by my house.
This is me doing a no handed cross-footed caboose
This is a picture of my bike. It is a DNA Linkon. Which I don't think you can get in Canada. I bought it at Soulcycle, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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Contact: If you wish to contact me you can contact me at
Parts that I have on my bike:
Gt Aluminum 3-peice, with a DNA 32tooth sproket, and Haro Big Block pedals
-KHE stem, with KHE Phil Dolan bars, poverty flatland pegs, and odyssey strong island pegs, nankai triple wall back rim, and nankai rbj-1 araya outer front rim, a blue primo hemeroid seat, DNA seat post clamp, dia-tech bonanza levers, and dia-compe 990 brakes.

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Sorry about the upgrades. I dont think i'll be upgrading it anymore, I dont have time. Besides I made this webpage cause i was bored one day.
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