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Weber State University
History 1700 -- American Civilization
All Prof. Becker Sections
Fall Term 2009

Instructor: Prof. R. A. Becker
Office Hours: 11 - 11:30 and and 1:30-2 MWF and by appointment.

Office: 253 Social Science Building

Welcome to Professor Becker's sections of Weber State University's History 1700. The website for the course contains the course syllabus , links to resources that you may find helpful in preparing for exams, as well as copies of study guides. And you will find here posted as well occasional documents you may be asked to read .
Please check the course home page at least once a week during the semester. I will post there course assignments and announcements such as changes in assigments, test dates, etc. It is especially important that you check the home page frequently if cruel fate compels you to miss a class.
If you have questions about the course, ask me during office hours, just before or after class, or by e-mail any time at flatlander100@yahoo.com.