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Urban SkateOwl

My Skateowl.com site is coming along quite slowly because I work so darn much and don't feel like creating when I come home in evenings. I chose the name SkateOwl because when I lived in Florida (until Aug 02) I skated at night to escape the sun and heat. It's still my favorite time to skate, especially when moon is full. It's awesome to urban skate when the traffic is light or non existent, people are home and all is quiet and open.

I also skate in the Daytime (sat & sun)in the city or burbs and I'm quite experienced in the urban style which if you want to improve on curbs, roads, sidewalks, traffic, humans or any type of obstacle, (half pipe is my limit)I'm available for lessons. I suggeset lessons for beginners to intermediate skaters and/or just skating together for intermediate and up. From beginners working on body position, stopping and falling to intermediate's and up focusing on sitting low, efficient stroke to speed to racing there are lessons available. There are a whole lot of physics to skating and I've studied from Barry Publow, Dianne Holum, Eddy Matzger (+ his workshop this July) to Chad Hedrick. I've literally studied the Double Push technique since 98 (didn't say I do it perfectly, but...)and am able to teach any level of skater. I prefer group lessons because my time is so limited. But I do make exceptions. I will be focusing much more on teaching after Eddy's Workshop this summer.

I've skated for nearly 38 years from indoor, urban, danceskate, banked track and competitively. I know no other sport better. I enjoy RollerSoccer,which is a great and exciting cross trainer I use for improving short turns, stopping, sprinting and overall fitness. We're getting Chicagoians interested finally so if your curious to kick the around a ball on your wheels and get a great workout..come out to Seward Park (Division & Sedgwick; park @ Dominick's) on Thursdays at 7:30pm to try. We'll also have slalom cones for those of you who want to try.. If you have any questions write me at SkateOwl.


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