Flat out of Luck - Please send your Shrapnel
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Flat out of Luck

This website has been established as an aid for my mission to get out of debt and get back on my feet after a run of bad luck which has left me a walk to the mailbox away from being evicted from my home.

The Flat out of Luck website was first uploaded on October 27, 2007. You can see the original version which was just a single page. However, I have decided to make a more permanent website, so I have archived that page.

As long as I am still seeking help, I will keep the status indicator at the top of this website which also has a donate button on it. Once I am in the clear, I will remove that indicator bar and try to convert the website into something that resembles more of a homepage where I'll blog about my life and what I am up to.

For more information about this website, please see the about page. If you're wondering what I am doing to "help myself", please see the developments page. I have also created a blog so that I can let those who are interested know what's going on with me and what my progress is, etc.
Questions Answered As this website has grown from the single page [ see the original ] to an actual website that has a blog, questbook, navigation menu, etc -- I find that more and more people who see my YouTube channel are making the same comments over and over. If you have a question or feel that you can offer me some advice, please see the page where I have logged all advice given as well as the responses to all questions asked. I hope that this helps my YouTube channel from becoming the same comments and responses over and over again: Questions Answers and Responses to Advice.

The Story So far: The best way to get the full story on why I created this website and the YouTube Channel would probably be to start from page one of the comments. I have deleted hundreds of nasty comments, and also dozens of repeat comments, as well as repeat questions. So the comments section on my channel is moderated and kept clean: Comments. You can also read the about page. The services page also offers an explanation into how I got to be in the predicament I am in (under web development).

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