Flavel Abastillas

A character in Angela Mackayís ďWheel of DreamsĒ Amber Campaign


Flavel Abastillas was raised in a shadow Earth where Rome was at the pinnacle

of itís existence.His foster parents were minor nobility and Flavel was tutored

extensively in the arts of war, business, politics, and science.Some of his tutors

were Greek slaves that instilled in him a wide range of philosophies.


Flavelís eyes have different colors.One eye is Green and the other is blue.His brown hair has a streak of white running through it.A silver glyph is tattooed on his left hand.


Flavel is cautious, thoughtful, and premeditated in his decisions.A researcher and investigator of cosmological phenomena his mother is the Amber High Princess Fiona.His Father is Count Anthony of house Sawall.


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