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Skye, the Rescue Guy!

skyebrad.jpg (14905 bytes)Happy, happy boy!

Skye's story is a sad one with a happy ending.  The product of a divorce, he was shunted from one home to another, until finally being abandoned in the mountains (Kananaskis Valley) of Southern Alberta, Canada.  Luckily, a very dear lady named Iris Cole, found him and took him home.  Iris couldn't keep him in her condo, but she vetted him, fed him and tried to find his owners or a decent home for him. 

Skye was a sad sight the day we brought him home.  He was covered in matted hair, burrs, dirt and his nails were so long they had started to curl around into the pads of his feet.  He was very afraid of us and our two other borzoi girls, but was more than willing to try to make friends with everyone just so he wouldn't have to leave. 

Skye is the sweetest dog we've ever had, always laughing, kissing the girl-zoi, our two cats, us and anyone else that comes in reach of his tongue.  He is very much a man's dog, and follows Brad everywhere, attached like velcro to his side.  

As of Nov. 2000, we've had him 3 weeks, and he has wrapped himself around our hearts and made himself a wonderful part of our family.

skye2.jpg (13904 bytes)Skye, his first day home

skyetessa.jpg (26046 bytes)Skye and Tessa, his new pal

skye1.jpg (24475 bytes)Out for a run!

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