Banff to Calgary

Weather: Mostly between 1 and 5 deg C with occasional flurries.

Yahoo Buckeroo!!! Snow!!! It was the first snow of the season in the area and apart from our disappointment at not being able to play golf at the world-renowned Banff Springs course, my delight at seeing snow for the first time was almost too much to contain.

It was a fuh-fuh-freezing 1 deg C outside and from the window in our hotel room we could see close snow capped peaks. After breakfast we headed outside for a look-see around. Our first stop was at Lake Louise. We had a look around the Lake and went inside the "Chateau" for some warmth before heading back to Banff. A visit to Banff Springs Golf Course saw us purchase discounted golf clothing due to the end of season sales (yes, and golfballs for the ever-increasing collection) and a quick look at the course. We drove around Banff and found ourselves at Bow River National Park (I think that's what it's called).

Whilst I can't recall the name of it, there's a road that will take you all the way around Banff. Here are some of the photos of Banff and surrounds that we took during this drive.

These photos are of Bow River and of Kevin freezing his butt off above it. The last photo to the right is the main street of Banff (yeah, fair enough - it was taken very early in the morning, so everyone was asleep!!).

These photos are looking down at Banff from the scenic drive.

If you're reading this and you're the idiot who set the fire alarm off in the wee hours of Sunday 6 October 2002 in the Caribou Lodge - thanks heaps d...head!! You frightened the S..t out of us!! Takes all types.

The next day we headed off to Calgary. We had until the next afternoon to return the car so we drove at a leisurely pace along the Trans-Canada highway via Canmore, Kananaskis and Stewart Creek.

Why these places? Well... for the golfball collection of course!!! It was an early snow so we didn't have a chance to play anywhere but here are some pictures I took. These are unlike anything you'll see in Australia, as where we have golf courses - we don't have snow!!

Stewart Creek and Canmore courses.

Kananaskis Golf Course with ski fields as a backdrop.

We arrived at Calgary early in the afternoon. Our hotel was in the city so we did a recce and found our hotel. We booked in and unloaded our luggage then took off to find out where we needed to drop off the hire car. Once we found it we headed out of the city to have a look around and promptly got lost!! Oh well.. we found the Chinook Centre (wherever that was!), had a bite for lunch and a look around before heading back to the city. We dropped the car off and walked back to the hotel.

The next phase of our trip was tomorrow when we were to fly to San Jose to see 'Frisco and Alcatraz.