Weather: Cold and wet most of the time.

26 October - Lake Lomond to Blair Athol
Spent the morning following Lake Lomond further north. Oh... it was sooo pretty :) Distant snow-capped mountains looked down upon our progress from afar. The roads were narrow and winding but oh so picturesque. By this time we were smack-dab in the middle of Scotland, and it felt cold enough to be true! We stopped at Pitlochrie for supplies before spending the night at Blair Castle (another BoB park). We planned on touring Blair Castle (a real-live castle) the next morning before leaving to head south.

27 October - Blair Athol to St Andrews
The castle was closed to the public so we headed south to Perth and Dundee. Being Sunday, nothing was open so we kept meandering our way south. Stopped off at Carnoustie where we increased the golfball collection yet again. Arrived at St Andrews where we booked ourselves in for a game on the "new" course the following day at 9.00am. I found St Andrews quaint and very historic. Couldn't help but take photos...

28 October - St Andrews to Petticur Bay
We stayed last night at a park just outside the town then headed back to St Andrews the next day for our game. It was a cold, crisp morning and NO RAIN!!

This is the home of golf...

We finished our game and continued south towards Edinburgh. We stopped for supplies then after asking for directions from a local, promptly got lost looking for a park for the night. After several attempts and in sheer desperation we hooked up to what we suspected was a closed park. Still... we had power, food, grog and a toilet - what else could you ask for???

29 October - Petticur Bay to Berwick-Upon-Tweed
Drove through Melrose and stopped to look at the Melrose Abbey. These old Abbeys are sooo full of history. After speaking with a "local" we headed back north to Thirlstane Castle where we did a tour then onto Glenkinchie Distillery for a distillery tour. Wow! No wonder we love our scotch hic. Crossed back to England to a BoB park Ord House, just outside of Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

Here I am at the border...

30 October - Berwick-Upon-Tweed to Appleby
Woke to a very cold morning (what else was new??) and headed along the A68 to see the 2000 year old Hadrian's Wall at Fort Chester. Amazing!!!

We continued on our way to Appleby where we stayed at a BoB park - Wild Rose.

31 October - Appleby to Bainland
There was a frost when we left Wild Rose...

You can imagine how cold it was - the grass snapped off underneath my feet.

We continued onto Lincolnshire. The countryside changed dramatically from hilly to flat. We were delayed for 1.5 hours along the way due to an accident at some roadworks. There was a noticeable haze around that day and apart from the change in country-side we could also see many more power stations which contributed to the haze. We arrived at Bainland Park (another BoB park) which was nearly full and we were lucky to get a pitch. Given that there was a par 3 golf course next door (part of the park) we decided to stay for two days to rest and do some much needed laundry. The facilities here were excellent.

1 November - Bainland
We had our game of golf - the weather held out for us in the morning but it started to rain in the afternoon. We read books, played Yahtzee and Euchre and generally slobbed about for a rest well earned.

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