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Making Money On The Internet

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Marketing Tips|Online Business

Work at home

Working from the comfort of your own home, is something many of us like. I love to work from home as there is no commuting and I can set my own hours. There is no 9-5 job and I don't have to worry when I get out of bed. So there is no stress and I am happier with more time for myself and my family.There are many ways to make money working from home. You can join affiliate programs, sign up yahoo or google adsense & display their ads on your website, sell ebooks, conduct courses and tele-seminars, write books and many more..I will help to show you some fast and easy ways to make money online.Promote your site, online auctions, online stores, & paid to surf sites. There are many ways to earn money online, some are easy and some require more work

Promoting your site

First off it's good to submit your site to search engines so people can find it. Google, MSN and Yahoo are good places to do this, or you can submit to a bunch of search engines at once at Submit Express. You can also submit your site to free online directories to help interested people find it easier and boost your site's searchability. Google also has a program where they'll put ads on your page that will relate directly to your site. Helping your viewers find products they might want and need. Google Cash Machine can give you guidlines to help you utilize the program for your benefit. This will help boost traffic to your site and help your viewers all around.

Online Auctions
Another good way to earn money online is online auctions. If you have things you don't want and think you could profit from selling them, then look into selling them online. It's a worldwide marketplace. eBay is one of the most popular online auctions; I use it myself. You just have to research pricing and information on your item and a picture doesn't hurt either. Then eBay will take you through a step-by-step process to getting your item online.

Online Stores
Yet another good way to earn money online is to sell your items in an online store. It's a little different than an auction; you set the price and it can be for sale as long as you want. Some of my personal stores are Will B. Guilty Rags and Will B. Guilty Rags 2; these are clothing stores, and Will B. Guilty Audio; a discount audio store for car, home and DJ audio equipment. Lulu is a great site for selling your own personal images, books, e-books, calendars, music and dvd's. It's free to sign up, free storefront, free to upload your products and they ship them out for you when they sell. They take a small fee when your items sell, but you still retain 80% royalties and the copywrite for your products. It's so fast and easy; I love it! Another good site that will help you sell your products is Paydotcom. They'll help promote your products through affiliates. Sites like these will definetly help you get your products sold.

Paid to Surf Sites (Autosurfs)
And the last way to earn money online that I'll discuss is paid to surf sites. What they do is, when you sign up, you have to surf so many sites a day, and when you do, they usually pay you a percentage of your account amount. If you upgrade it high enough this can be really profitable. There are a lot of these sites out there and some pay higher percentages than others. I'm currently using Auto Hits. Also as a bonus this is a good way to advertise your websites. You get free credits to allocate to your sites as you surf; which allows you to bring more traffic to your site.

Send Money Online

All of these methods of making money will require some way for you to get paid. If you don't mind waiting for your payment, then I'm sure having money orders and checks mailed to you is the method you'll choose. But to me, sending money online is so much faster, efficient and just as safe if not safer, plus you can accept credit card payments through them. I use payment processors like PayPal, Moneybookers or E-Gold.


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