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In a morning briefing, state Police Major Lyle Szupinka confirmed that debris from the plane had turned up in relatively far-flung sites...

Szupinka said searchers found one of the large engines from the aircraft "at a considerable distance from the crash site."

"It appears to be the whole engine," he added.

Crowley related that 95 percent of the airplane had been recovered...
The heaviest piece was from one of the engines and weighed 1,000 pounds.

Glick's father-in-law, Richard Makely, said he took the phone, hoping to hear Glick come back and say the passengers and crew had regained control of the plane.

Instead, he said, "I heard the end of the story."

He would not say exactly what he heard, other than to say "it would not have indicated" what ultimately caused the plane's nose dive into a field in Somerset County, southeast of Pittsburgh, 90 minutes after the first airliner hit one of the twin towers in New York.


How Did United Flight 93 Crash?

This website explores different theories of Flight 93's crash.
(Online Sept 20 /2001 - latest update August 1, 2002)

08-01-02 - Seismic evidence puts supersonic jet in PA over 1/2 hour before the government says one was there. Has the Earth moved to uncover another truth? Read It

Did we know about Aircraft as weapons in advance? Let's weed through it.

Please link here if you find this information worth reading.

The Story Begins Here

"Eight miles away in New Baltimore, Melanie Hankinson said she found singed papers and other light debris from the crash, including pages from Hemispheres Magazine, United's in-flight magazine. Stoe said authorities initially insisted crash debris could not have traveled over a mountain ridge more than eight miles from the crash.
Comment: Secondary Debris floated miles away on this breeze? At the time of the crash? But it did not do that at the Pentagon Crash? Or other similar crashes?

The NTSB says it is not only plausible, but probable," said [FBI Agent] Crowley.

Did Dan Rather mention this?
"If you were here to see it, you'd have no doubt," Decker said. "It was a jet plane, and it had to be flying real close when that 757 went down. If I was the FBI, I'd find out who was driving that plane. " Late Thursday afternoon, federal agents who spoke to reporters at the crash site said "there was no evidence as of yet" that a second plane was nearby when Flight 93 plunged into a strip mine. Entire Story

Why I put this site up:
To give and solicit information about what really happened over Pennsylvania regarding Flight 93 on 9-11-01? (much of this website was created in the few months following the crash. Some news links are no longer working, and new information keeps coming out. Always check the discussion board for the latest information and unmoderated free flow of ideas.)

I didn't even give this crash a second thought until I got a couple phone calls from friends on the 11th saying friends of theirs with inside information "knew" it was shot down. Whatever - friend of a friend info isn't worth much. (I never say Flight 93 was shot down on this website. Just take it easy.)

But that did pique my curiosity enough to follow the story and begin collecting what little news I could find. I have linked to local reports that have never been reported by the mainstream media. A one ton engine part survives a near vertical impact and is found far from the crash. Burning debris falling from the sky, clothing, books and human remains found miles away. An air traffic controller reports an F-16 "must have seen the whole thing". You can verify it by reading the original stories yourself. 95% of the accounts I've linked to have full witness names and reporters names.

Looking at all the details so far - nothing really adds up neatly for me, except that Flight 93 had a midair crisis that caused debris to fall before it crashed. I remain skeptical of all the theories... except one. We are not being told what happened - and the Government knows exactly what happened.

Important news...
The FBI finally allowed family members to hear the Cockpit Voice Recorder. Unfortunately, no conclusive evidence was heard by anyone. There simply is no evidence at this time that heros ever got in the cockpit. The story hasn't changed much since the Newsweek article below outlined what the reporters did and didn't read in the transcripts.

The Fact remains that the FBI has never stated heroes were ever in the cockpit. No official ever has. If you find such a statement please email me a link.

I have to ask: Why not release the Flight Data Recorder info? There is nothing horrific on it. There is nothing there that will aid and abed terrorists. There is nothing that will jeopardize a trial. And it's data that usually get's released at some point.

It's simply data about the aircraft as it flew and crashed.

There's only one reason not to release it. Because it shows the plane depressurizing, losing an engine, flipping upside down and crashing in a way that they don't care to explain.

November 27th - The FBI recently provided a partial Cockpit Voice Recorder transcript to 3 Newsweek reporters. It appears to verify things I've been saying for 2 months, like"The Investigators are looking into the possibility that the heroes came very close to the cockpit, it is unclear that they actually reached the cockpit door." Here is what I think about that Newsweek report.


I have some basic questions reporters aren't asking. Why?

1) We had somewhere between 30 and 55 minutes after Flight 93 was "suspect" to intercept it. The current official story is that 3 F-16 fighters had been scrambled at 9:24AM and were airborne over Washington D.C. by 9:40AM. AWACS and a Tanker were scrambled also. These pilots saw the Pentagon on fire, the President had OK'd a shootdown, the Secret Service had advised the pilots to protect the White House at all costs, and Flight 93 was the only aircraft off course - heading toward D.C. - with it's transponder off. Flight 93 crashed at 10:06AM only 125 miles from D.C. (10 minutes away at 750mph for an F-16) and 3 nuclear power plants were in between Flight 93 and D.C. Fighter pilots have weighed in and told me likely speeds might be 600+ for the F-16's and 300+ for the 757 converging at 1000 mph.

What did those 3 fighters do from 9:40AM until 9:55AM when they finally turned towards Flight 93 and were 60 miles out at 10:06am?

Remember, at 8:45 we scrambled 2 F-15's and they reached the WTC 15 minutes later. Why were the FIRST jets so quick to react by comparison?

2) Why did Air Traffic Controllers in a Nashua Telegraph article report an F-16 was circling Flight 93 and was in visual range at the time of crash - and why does the Government currently DENY that?

Comment: Of these two, who is more likely to be accurate? And why has the FBI told Air Traffic Controllers not to talk with the press under threat of prosecution?
Answer: As a condition of employment Contollers are required to have a "secret" security clearance rating. As a civilian air traffic controller you are bound to know military flight information that should remain secret. This makes perfect sense due to the fact that the FBI is conducting a Criminal Investigation into the crash. Witnesses may also be prohibited from talking to the press regarding the incident.

The white mystery jet was witnessed by dozens - was that what this controller saw on his screen? Clearly, no controllers are talking to the media about that white jet - but a lot of civilians were.

3) What caused an entire engine and human remains to be found a considerable distance from the main crash site?

4) How did metal scraps, clothing and garbage bags full other debris gathered by residents and turned over to the FBI float on the breeze from a 35 foot deep muddy hole through wet, muddy fields for between 2.5 and 8 miles in 9 knot(10.4 mph) winds as the NTSB has declared? Why hasn't this happened in any other airline crashes that did not have mid-air traumas?

5) How easy is it to grab the controls and override the autopilot?
Answer: Easy. You can disconnect the autopilot by bumping the control yoke, there is also a switch on the yoke for autopilot disconnect as well as switches on the autopilot control panel in the center of instrument panel. Once the autopilot is disengaged the plane will fly according to the inputs the pilot puts on the yoke and rudder transmitted via rods and pulleys throughout the plane. This would include the capability to fly the plane beyond its designed.flight envelope. The Flight Control Computers ARE the autopilot computers.

5.1) How easy is it to grab the controls, and overstress a 757 to the point its engine and bags of debris falls from the sky? Would that debris look like confetti raining down?
Answer: Simulators do not simulate overstress. It's difficult to know what would happen.

6) What was the explosion and white smoke that the first cell phone caller reported? And the explosion a 911 dispatcher heard shortly after talking to a passenger right before the line went dead? Ground witnesses report hearing several explosions.

7) If a bomb went off on board, would the first cell phone caller sealed in the lavatory be able to report it?
Answer: It's reasonable. The lav is sealed, a bomb could have been small.

8) What was the mysterious white jet trailing Flight 93 before the crash, and witnessed by so many just after the crash?

9) From an email: Everything seems to focus on the possibility of interception by fighters from the DC area - there are AT LEAST two and probably three guard and reserve fighter squadrons equipped with F-16s that were within less than 100 miles of the route of Flight 93. The Ohio guard has F-16s at Springfield and Toledo and I am almost positive there is also a fighter squadron at Greater Pitt. The Vermont guard maintains strip alert with F-16s at Burlington, and has for years. There are also active duty and reserve/guard fighter bases in Indiana.

Another email: I have a inside source that can verify the National Guard F-16's at Hancock field in Syracuse NY were in the air early that morning before 9am.

"Otis Air National Guard Base is the only active air defense base on the East Coast between our Canadian border and the Washington, D.C., area," said a statement released by the 102nd Fighter Wing on Tuesday. (9-11-01)

Comment: Is it possible an F-16 from somewhere other than Langley or Andrews was in the air and moved towards Flight 93? It's a good point, all other airbases seem to be ignored by the press.

Partial Answer: Federal military officials recently confirmed that the 180th Fighter Wing - an Ohio Air National Guard unit based at Toledo Express Airport - was the first unit outside the East Coast to answer the Air Force’s plea for immediate help.

"They had the fuel. They had guns. That’s what was needed," said retired Lt. Col. Alan Scott, who has been analyzing the air responses for the Air Force.

Comment: This report has the Toledo F-16's not in the air until after all 4 hijacked aircraft crashed, and Syracuse based fighters joining them 1/2 hour later at 10:45am. I've had eyewitnesses email me saying Syracuse based F-16's were in the air before 9am.

A 44 year old lieutenant colonel in the Ohio Air National Guard and an F-16 pilot passed away due to a heartattack Dec 2, 2001. Mr. Raffa was the full-time commander of operations for the 180th and was deployed in Iraq last year.

Another email: No, it's Langley AFB, VA - keep your eyes on the alert shelters along the main runway. They held 2 National Guard F-16s. One came back missing something it left with. Trust me, the guards there know what really happened.

10) C'mon - wouldn't an aircraft that was shot down be blown away in a huge ball of fire? Answer: Have you ever seen a 757 shot with cannons or an air to air missile? Maybe. Let's think about it.

Will any reporter ask these things?
Got better questions?
Email me and I'll put them here. A lot of you guys need to run a virus checker.

"Not only do we have a right to know, we have a duty to know what our Government is doing in our name... If there's a criticsm to be made today, it's that the press isn't doing enough to put the pressure on the government to provide information."
Walter Cronkite - On the 3-28-02 Media Matters Show on PBS.

"They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety". - Ben Franklin

Here are 2 Flight 587 Crash eyewitnesses you guys need to hear. I heard this the morning of that crash. Witness 1 | Witness 2
Another 587 link: http://twa800.com/news/bjnews-11-15-01.htm

I really want to believe the NTSB about 587 but then I read this NYPOST story - "For the NTSB to seriously speculate that the bloody tail fell off in the face of so much evidence that it didn't happen is arrogant and treating us all like a bunch of morons."