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SkyHigh Professional Flight Instruction
Instrument Pilot Flight Training Program:
You must have at least a Private Pilot License to start training.
There is no minimum number of hours required to start.
Aeronautical experience required for the Instrument Rating:
40 hours of simulated or actual instrument time.
As much actual instrument time, as possible, will be incorporated into the program.
Simulated instrument time will include time on a flight simulator.
50 hours of Cross Country Flight Time.
This can include VFR as well as IFR Cross Countries (over 50nm), after obtaining your Private Pilot License.
Ground Instruction will be conducted to make you a knowledgeable and safe Instrument Pilot, as well as, helping you pass the written test.
Private Pilot Flight Training Program:

The FAA requires a minimum number of hours before you can become a pilot.
A minimum of 40 hours of flight time must be logged.
Includes 30 hours of  time in an airplane with a flight instructor.
Includes 10 hours of solo time (just you in the airplane)
Flight time includes only the time the airplane is operating, and not the amount of time spent at the airport.
Certain classroom subjects will need to be covered in what is called "Ground Instruction"
These lessons cover such subjects as:
Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems and Performance, Navigation, Federal Aviation Regulations, Weather, etc.
Additionally we can help you expand your piloting skills and knowledge through Instrument, Commercial, Multi Engine, CFI/CFII courses
                                         Learning to Fly can be as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1.Start by scheduling a no obligation "Introductory Flight Lesson"   (call for current rates)

2.Schedule flight lessons at least one day per week for as little as 2 hours spent at the airport and obtain a License or Rating in 3-6 months to 1 year.

3.Pay the most competitive rates in the the Phoenix,Az Metro area while flying well maintained, top quality aircraft.
How to Contact Us:
1(602) 796-2452
Afar1@ Hotmail.Com