Earth 2 Apollo 11!
Earth 2  Apollo 11!
Hi Everyone!

I am starting simple with this little template page, and I might try to make it more interesting and fun, as I go along - especially as I learn some code!  I am Mystic Flight the Flight Mystic, and I am a "the ramper" who loads and unloads wide-bodied jets, and shows them where to park (with lighted orange "magic wands" - the funnest part!) at an international airport!  This airport, I discovered, is also a great, traditional Mystery School, located on a plain destined to be the sacred place of many interconnecting planes, from generation to generation, as earth travels on!

I have learned more about shamanic (and gnostic, animist, alchemical, and mystical) practices while  working at the airport over the years, than in any workshop or earthly apprenticeship in ordinary reality, though I have partaken of both.  Everything is working and playing together for good, I have learned - no matter what!  And even these ordinary realities we are living are abundantly extraordinary!
No matter what - everything is working and playing, for good!
Just A Few Interconnections So Far:
Shamanic Humorists & Optimists Circle
Companions News & Prayer Circle
Shamanic Shift Center
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Name: Flight Mystic (Earth2Apollo11)