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Bonjour, Ciao, Hola, Hello! and welcome aboard my new website!  My name is Mark   Becker.  I am fourteen-years-old, and am very fascinated with aviation.  In order to meet new people and hopefully encounter new experiences, I have used  my web design skills and set up my own aviation website dedicated to myself and  you.  Please search my site as you like, and return once in a blue moon or as  you wish.  Thank You.
(RIGHT): An "Airline Meal," consisting of stir fried duck with steamed  rice, served as the main dish for a business class flight from Guangzhou to Sydney aboard China Southern Airways.  Photo by: Alex Ffrost -
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Mark's Flight Fund                      OFFICALLY BEGAN MAY 7, 2004, at 4:20 PM/16:20 CST
Mark's Flight Fund has been created to accomplish my dream: to travel throughout the world and fly on various airlines and aircraft.  The Flight Fund is my one out of several attempts to reach my dream.  Once I have a job, much of my salary will be put towards my Flight Fund.  Now, I allow anyone who visits my site, watched my promotion video on their local news station, or even read my letter to the editor, to contribute to my Flight Fund. 
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"Mark's Flight Fund" has no relation to America West's Frequent Flyer Program, also named Flight Fund.


(RIGHT) 4/20/04
-  Yes!  A great no-homework-night, and a miniature adventure on a school night!  Today I went to Fargo's Hector Intl. Airport to pick up my grandparents.  I once had a tour of the whole airport and its facilities at Fargo.  Often, we originate in Fargo whenever we fly.  But today's visit was special: I was meeting the Northwest Airlines Station Manager to meet some crew and visit the aircraft for some photographing opportunities.

5/1/04  -
On our school orchestra trip today to St. Paul, MN, we passed the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.  I never expected to see a Northwest B747 pass right over our bus!  Luckily, I was in the back seat to have an inspiring view of it swiftly glide towards the runway.  I found the city of St. Paul very fascinating and motivating for myself to further explore cities I have never visited.

5/7/04  -
Today we had our career fair in Family & Consumer Sciences class allowing younger students to learn about the careers we chose.  I of course chose a pilot.  With a B777 Continental model and pictures I took the other day in Fargo, I spoke to a  fifth grade boy who knew of other aircraft and seemed interested talking to me.

6/3/04 - School has ended and summer has just begun.  The Summer of Aviation has arrived.

ABOVE: Northwest DC-9 delayed for mantinence for flight to Minneapolis.  Same flight was delayed a year ago when I was there.  BELOW: Northwest DC-9 cockpit (same aircraft).
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