Linking Linking Linking!

Yes, I've finally buckled down to make a link page. :P Well, there are just so many comics I think are cool and many exchanges to join. If anyone would like, I would gladly link up to their comic/site if they link mine too! ^__^ Now, without further ado, the links!

Link to Moi!

My Banner Exchanges - An online comics search engine and directory
Tankyuu-The Quest begins here(Now Open!)

My Favorite Comics

- So far my absolute fave. An full color fantasy manga with a wicked twist. (rated Mature or worse due to foul language and violence and adult situations...but it's still worth the read!) Awesome artwork, boss awesome story!
- Don't be scared by the religious's actually quite hilarious! If you like angels and demons beating eachother up and great artwork then go! I order you. YOu'll like it. It's funny. Go. Stop reading and go! What do I have to click the banner for you too? unbelievable. :P Rated: G (Soon to be published!)
- If you like MSK, then you'll like this one. Another Christian themed manga wrapped in the guise of medieval fantasy!! Yay! You have to read it. Sometimes the pages are in color!! Oooooo! That and how can you say 'no' to knights after MSK?? (A ploy guised as a fanatasy manga. MWahahahaha!) Here...the main character will race you to click it!!
Click me! Click me if you can!
- A sometimes colored sometimes not, duel artist mayhem! This beautiful comic is about sword-wielding, historical japanese-looking elves and the blind assassin. It's a delightful tale with cute chibies (you know I love the chibies) and mischief. AND a main character with long red hair...I couldn't stop myself. Updated: Mondays Rated: PG (mild violence)
Forced Alliance- Thanks to a little bit of bad luck and a tiny, bug-eyed creature, two enemies are collared and therefore stuck together! Mayhem insues with this fascinating tale full of magic creatures, ghosts and vampires! It's a really fun story...especially with a red head blind assassin. (See a pattern in the comics I read?) Updated: Weekly Rated: PG (mild violence)
Apple Continuum- A most dudelicious comic about a school for training superheroes. Where a good GPA equals saving the world. :) The artwork is amazing and the characters downright cool. I'm ecrouaging you to go...or I'll smack you down with a mega-hammer. ;) B & W, updated weekly.
- A full color comic by a friend of mine about a 10 year old girl obsessed with well...almost everything to do with video games and stuff. What strange adventure shall befall her next? Click and find out. Updated: Often Rate: E for Everyone.
-Another favorite of mine. A fun filled, full color, fantasy manga. very funny, great artwork.
- A humorous comic set in feudal Japan about a hard-headed girl, a bungling Samurai, a vengful guy with the biggest sword imaginable!
- A new black and white shoujo comic about a girl named Hannah who is engaged to three guys! Good art, great characters!
- This one I just recently discovered. Very good. I love the artwork. B&W rated: PG (so far) It's about suffering, torment, and stuff. Angst and bishonen. :)
Lost Souls- Full color...almost sprite-like comic. Another adventure to get lost in! ^_^ No pun intended of course. The story is great so far. :) Lots of fun to read.