Bakersfield CA Flintknapping Arrowhead Demonstrations
Bakersfield, CA
Flintknapping Arrowhead Demonstrations

Demonstrations are free. Bring safety glasses if you would like to participate.
Banner image is a combination of images from our knappins

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Picture of a Flint knapper chipping an arrowhead out of stone - he uses a leather pad on his leg and one in the palm of his hand for protection - he chips the stone in the palm of his hand

Come on out, join the fun and learn the art of making stone tools. We meet at Hart Memorial Park. This location provides lots of fun with it's 370 acres along Kern River and paddleboats on Hart Lake. Sponsored by The Arrowhead Artistry Club

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Need to make a rock run?
If so, check out these mineral and fossil Web Sites, some with maps. Rockhounds Click Here Be sure and contact the local BLM to make sure collecting sites are accessible.

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Knapp-in Information

Hart Memorial Park
Bakersfield, CA

The park is eight miles northeast of Bakersfield on the Alfred Harrell Highway.
We meet at the East end of the park.
For information about the park go to:
Hart Memorial Park

First Sunday of every month
10:00am to 5:00pm

Knapp-in may be cancled due to weather

Contact: or

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