Hey!  Thanks for coming to my webpage.  My name's JiLL.  My nick names are endless, but some are JiLLy, Jillybean, Jillybeanz, Spoiled Brat, Veruca, Snob, B*tch, Flirt, Orange, JiLLy WiLLy, Shags, Schadski, Lil Orphaned Blue Gyrl, and Gilligan.  Hehe.  I go to Newfield HS in Selden, NY.  Yea I took some shyt off of Lissa's webpage...its great, check it out:

This page is all about stuff I like and I hope you like too.  This page is ALWAYZ gonna be under construction!  I have aim, feel free to im me at SpoiledBrat23718 and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!  Hehe.  I hope ya like it...
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One too many drinks to pass the time, dont sit behind the wheel of my mind, hold tight before you lose total control of your car, as you crash into my heart...on the spot, think a lot about how we are falling for each other just because we're not.
**Doug's partial song**