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"baby you light my fire"

ok lemme give it to u straight. ppl don't  like me cuz well im not sure why. some think im a slut, some think im a bitch, others are just jealous of where i live, my loving/caring friends or just my hot ass boyfriend. admit it ya'll know u want him. but most ppl at dale are asses bitches posers, or well the majority of them are preps.... yick i hate preps they make my skin crawl and my tummy curdle.... they know who they are.

this year i've been enlightened... i now know who my real friends are... they've got my back. watch out or u'll be beaten over the head with a giant candy cane lol... it has happened before lol. and my boyfriend is so amazing.... heh if he wasn't he wouldn't have lasted this long... ahh this year has had its ups and downs... spring and summer were amazing... my PG girls were too grand to me and i actually placed in my pageant (go me!) i've already been accepted to VCU. well wat more can a girl ask for... im even doing decent in school... just barely. (3.9 gpa at the moment... it'll probably drop by the time report cards come)

i love you
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SERIOUSLY UPDATED : December 28, 2004
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Me and my sailor at my christmas choir concert
HOMECOMING BITCHES - Ameera, Christin, Lindsey, Me(Katrina), and Lori
October 30, 2004
Me at my pageant... with my sash and roses
(the trophy was on the floor)
"But what a shame cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same..."
Green Day "Jesus of Suburbia" (city of the damned)