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                                                   A Little Bit About Me
I love thunder and lightning storms... I love to laugh and have fun... I love to travel and want to do a lot more of it when money permits... and here's some more things about me:

Ice Cream: all ice cream is good… but I love Dairy Queen’s the best
Soft Drink: Pepsi or diet Coke
Alcoholic drink: rye and diet coke, Corona, Molson Dry, Raspberry Sourpuss, Baja Luna, Vibes (altho I think they have stopped making these waaaaaaa)
TV Show: American and Canadian Idol
Food: Pizzaaaaaaa and chocolate
Restaurant: Swiss Chalet, Moxies, Kelsey’s, the Keg
Sports: I love to watch hockey and use to play baseball, volleyball and badminton
Music: Rock ‘n Roll baby!!
Movies: I love action and thriller movies (but NOT horrors)
Fave Actor/Actress: Angelina Jolie
Bedtime: as late as I can… I hate going to sleep… I’m a nite owl
Nicknames: Ashy…. Ash
DOB: June 11, 1973
Birth Place: B.C.
Siblings: Michael
What do you look like?: I’m a cutie *flutters eyes*
Color of my eyes: green
Haircolor: Brown/reddish… multi colored
Future Job: Puter programmer or web designer… not sure yet… gotta go back to school first
Significant Other: Trevor
Kids: Ashley (15), Tyler (13) and Brittanny (12)
Best Friends: Kat, Rhonda, Char, Sharon, Sylvia
Best Quality: kind hearted, sweet, friendly and always smiling and laughing
Hobbies: arts and crafts, reading, computers, music, movies, trivia and word games, working on my webpage
Fave body part of opposite sex: butt and muscular arms
What do you sleep in?: as little as possible
Best advice given: judge not lest ye be judged
Best Lesson You Ever Learned: Never be dependent on anyone else… independence all the way
Words and phrases you OVER use: ya and cutie
Non-sport activity u enjoy?: non-sport activity… would that include or exclude making love? kissinggggg
Favorite trip: well I’ve only really been on one and that was to Ontario a few years ago… had a great time and didn’t wanna come home :( *sniff*  I’m all better now tho lol
Dream car: Tiburon
Coolest experience of my life?: meeting 120 people from the internet in real life so far
Scariest thing you've ever done: was homeless for a few months back when I was 18… needless to say it was the worst year of my life
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: Yep
Special Skills or Talents: I’m the fastest typist in the west lol
Fave School subject?: Art and math
Thing you hate most about the opposite sex: I love men… but they all manage to irritate and annoy us in some way or another… just gotta accept it lol
Fave Flower: blue roses
Fave Color: purple
Fave Grade in School: they were all pretty tough… I got teased a lot… grade 12 would have to be the best cuz half the time I had spares and pretty much partied the year away and somehow managed to scrape by and graduate at the same time
Name of 1st Crush: which grade? LOL  Grade 6 was Lee and Colin… Grade 7 was Cory and Jeff Boulet I think his name was… I got shivers when he touched me… Grade 8 was Danny… and that tall guy…. Or was that grade 7?  I can’t remember… Grade 9 was Roy Kehler… I’ll never forget him… as well as Jayson Gifford… damn men… Grade 10 was still Roy and Jayson… Grade 11 was STILL Roy… and Francois… Grade 12 was STILL Roy and Francois… Thank God I finished school so long ago… my poor heart was crushed repeatedly
Fave Store: London Drugs
One Pillow or Two: One
Pancakes or French Toast: pancakes with chocolate chips mmmmmmmmm
Fave Thing to do on Friday Night: relaxxxxxxxxxx and have a drink or two or three or… and play games and/or chat or go out or whatever…  depends how tired I am
Fave Song: Amazed by Lonestar
Fave Shampoo/Conditioner: Thermasilk
Last Stuffed Item Given To You: Winnie the Pooh of course!!
Fave Cartoon/Disney Character: WINNIE THE POOH!!! I'm obsessed with him *hangs head*
Fave Card Game: I love all card games… canasta being my all time Fave
Fave City on Earth That I've Been to: I will hold off answering that until I have seen more than like 5 in my life lol at this point I'd have to say Niagara Falls I guess
Last Concert Attended: Nickelback (with Three Days Grace and Staind)
Fave Thing To Do For A Friend That Needs Cheering Up: Talk to them and listen to them and do whatever I can to make them smile and laugh
Fave Sports Team: Oilers!! GO OILERS GO!!
Fave T.V. Game Show: Wheel of Fortune altho I love all game shows
Fave Animal: Men
Fave Guy's Name: Damian
Fave Girl's Name: Cassandra
Fave Candy: chocolate and those sour gummy things that make ya pucker lol
Fave Life Experience: meeting Trevor
Feel Naked Without: lipstick
Fave Board Game: Pictionary
Animal you would be: Cat… lying around eating and sleeping and playing all day… no worries and no stress…. Having every need catered to without even having to ask… Ya that’s the life.                                                                                                                                                          Jan 30/04
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Trying to fit all my hair in the pic is not an easy thing
to do
My Page in Heartland  House
Hello everyone!!! Welcome to my page :)  I am 32 years old from Edmonton, Alberta.  Read on to learn more about me and my family.

I hope you like my work in progress...
keep checking back for the changes I'm making!  Keep on smiling &
have a wonderful day!! :)
So here are the three devils... er... I mean children in my life.  Brittanny is 12, Tyler is 13, and Ashley is 16.  I am way too young to have kids this old, but hey, they keep me young.  We have 5 pets - 4 cats and a dog, one for each of us :)