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Hay, Im a 15 year old from Roscoe Illinois.  There I attend Hononegah High School. Go Indians.  I play soccer, and I swim for my schools team.  I really enjoy what I do. I love being outside.  In the summer you can find me on a beach scoping out the guys or in random cities around the midwest competeing against other girls and boys at Girl Scout/Mariner/ Boy Scout/ Explorer Competitons. My Mariner unit is overall number one. Go 361!!. I dont have a job because i have no time for one, between friends, parties, and other activites i do.. in about 6 mo im gonna have my drivers licence and i plan on never being home. but i have a cell phone so all that will need me can reach me!!

Ahh well yet another year of school is abou tot begin and this year i will be reciving my licence...hopefully i will have it before christmas so when i go up to iowa i can drive..that would totaly kick but...i look forward to havein a great year with my best of friends and this year i promise not to distance my self like i did last year, i realized i was hurting everybody encluding sorry people!
i would like to say hi to all my friends. especially..

STEPHANIE- gurl you are like my best friend i dont know what i would do w/o your constant support, and willing ness to bitch people out for me.
NIKKI- GURL YOU IS DA BOMB, shit man im glad these past days we have gotten to know each other bertter and become closer
KAT- My HOME GURL, what can i say you stick out the competitions with me, and put up with my crap i love ya
CARISSA-girlfirnd your always there for me to cry on, i would be lost with out you, im osrry for your loss, gramps was a great man.
CORY- Hay sweety sorry i havent been on tlakin to you in a long time...but hopefully i wil talk to you soon.
ESTHER and JD~ hay you cute peoples from lake geneva..whats shakiin with yall..i hope to see you all really soon...mis ya bunches...and remember you are never screwed just slightly nailed
JULIE~ hay chick thanks for lending a listrenin always here for you!
JASON&JUSTIN- my brothers, you guys are the greatest thanks for always being there when i am down and helpin me to feel better. jason im osrry about your accident, im glad you are fellin better\
TROY_ hay my body guard whats up? hope to see you soon.
NICK_thanks for always being there, as a person i can call when i have a bad day , and one day i will visit aurora to see you, and hopefully that day will be soon
FORT- too all the guys in fort i tal to that arnt in 007, you guys are great, yes u too laura, as soon as i get my licence im comming to see you all!
MATT- my boy im glad i got to meet you this summer , and at bay next year the choc santa willbe ours love ya
JORDAN- how is charlie doing, lol, my charlie is great, hes on my bed right now (for you that dont know charlie is my stuffed teddy)
CHAD- altho i just met you this year at mak your a great guy and im glad i got the chance to meet you.sorry there are no pics of you and me on here, becuase i never got one of us...cuz my camera got thown in the water!
COURTNEY AND CATIE- the dynamic trio..well there is not a duo so that will work, my god gurls we have the best times together u are the awsomest cousins
CORY- hay boy how are u doing, your like my fave cousin on the lake side. so your like super scool and stuff
AARON ROACH<PAM GRAY< BRAD WOODY- I gotta love my school family, thanks mom brother and uncle
AMBER_ hay chicl at tho you will be leavin soon...i will miss you mucho....
LISA_ur cool as hell stay that way! and ur like my new body gurad after what u did to jason that was cool as hell

361- you guyes are my gurls, eventho we have our quarls i love you all and im thankfull each day for getting to know each one of you and spending time with you, all the great times at events and we must not forget wendys exersises,a nd pontiacs, along with fuzzys
523-my sistas, well i finaly got to know you guys this year, and i hope in the future we will not be enimenes like we once were good luck in the future, and great summer
508- my boys well wow, im glad i have gotten to know all of you, you guyes are awsome, there is my brotheres in your troop and my body guard!!
9077- my brother troop i dont know you guyes all that well but you are the coolest bunch there
93- you guys are the greatest sorry you didnt win your mak talent act..please dont blame that one on was just a ya much
007-hay guys whats up? ya know i love you all bunches right? eventually i will get up to see you...when eva i can get my damn driverslicence..

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Nicholas John Thompson June 13, 1986- October 13,2001 every step i take every move i make every single day every time i pray ill be missing you. thinkin of the day when u went away what a life to take what a bond to brake ill be missing you. Its kinda hard with u not around know that u in heaven smilin down watchin us while we pray 4 u Every day we pray 4 u till the day we meet again In my heart is where i keep u friend Memories gove me strenght i need to proceed strength i need to believe, my thoughts, nick, i juct cant define..I wish i could turn back the hands of time. and take back all that has happend....I miss you Nick! And you will forever remain in my were my friend and my pal i will forever remember you!
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