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Fred Liu & Associates, Inc.
Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Planning
Suite 401 - 134 Abbott Street, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V6B 2K4
Tel: (604)805-3915  Fax: (604)327-9150 
Email Addresses: 
fredliu@shaw.ca   flla@yahoo.com
We are a consulting firm in the field of Landscape Architecture.
We understand we live in an ecologically fragile world, 
the preservation and management of existing natural landscape and man-made living environment
     are becoming more and more critical to the continuing survival and enjoyment of our surroundings
for our generation and future generations to come.
Our mission is to help make the environment in which we live and work as pleasant, comfortable and convenient as possible.
We strive diligently and practice daily to make this fundamental principle a reality.
                              Scope of Services:

* Natural Resource Management
* Environmental Design            
Parks and Recreation   
* Institutionals and Churches
Neighborhood Park: Rotunda in Park Setting
British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects
Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
American Society of Landscape Architects

Office Hi-Rise and Industrial Parks
* Hotel and Commercial
* Multiple-family Housing Complex
* Single-family Residences
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